Who Has the Cheapest Automobile Insurance?

Is it Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide, Unitrin Direct, eSurance, Travelers or another company?

If you are shopping for an insurance provider, you may have wondered which company has the cheapest auto insurance. In the following post, we will address that question — keep reading.

The answer to that question depends on various factors including, a driver’s claim history, where they live, their driving record and credit score. Therefore, the cheapest auto insurance is dependent on the individual policyholder and their personal insurance needs.

No individual company can offer the best rates for everyone. While a company like, Progressive may be the cheapest option for some drivers, it could be the most expensive for others.

Therefore, in order to find the cheapest rates for your specific insurance needs — you need to shop around and compare rates.

It’s important to keep in mind when shopping for insurance: Price isn’t everything. In addition to shopping for the cheapest rates, insurance shoppers need to understand what your specific insurance needs are and rather than getting the cheapest price, it is more important to make sure you are properly covered.

While liability (the minimum coverage required by law, in most states) is the cheapest insurance policy one can buy — this type of policy may not meet your insurance coverage needs.

Ways to Lower Insurance Premiums

  • There are several tips for keeping your premiums, at the cheapest, possible price. Some of these tips include:
  • Asking for a higher deductible (increasing the deductible is a great way to reduce your monthly premiums — just keep the deductible at an amount you can afford)
  • Purchasing multiple policies from the same company (most insurance providers offer multi-policy discounts for those who have auto, home, life, health, etc. through their company)
  • Asking for discounts (including low-mileage discounts and more)
  • Checking to see if your state offers a Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (states like, California do)
  • Pay your insurance bill on time (this prevents your insurance bill from increasing as a result of making late payments)
  • Practicing safer driving (also, don’t let friends borrow your vehicle or anyone who is not listed on your policy)
  • Taking a defensive driving course (a DD course will eliminate points on your license, improving your record and ultimately, providing you with cheaper insurance rates)
  • Reducing coverage on an older car to liability, only (especially if the car is more than ten years old)
  • Shopping around to find the cheapest rates for your insurance needs

Shopping around for the cheapest rates is probably the most essential part of finding the cheapest car insurance company — for you. Comparing rates is the only way to determine which auto insurance provider will offer you the lowest rates in the area.

Regardless of your driving record, credit history or other factors — you should be able to find the cheapest auto insurance for your coverage needs, simply by comparing rates.

Now, it’s your turn to ask yourself — “Who offers the cheapest automobile insurance for me?”

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