Which car insurance company is best for you? Check rates before buying

1170975_koda_octavia_superYou’ve seen the commercials and think you can save hundreds of dollars if you switch car insurance. So you go online and get quotes from lots of companies. Now what? Go with the cheapest monthly premium? While it may be tempting to just purchase the cheapest auto insurance, you have some more research to do.

Compare the companies you think you could use. Look online for the company’s insurance rating and then at customer testimonials. You want to know that your new insurance provider will treat you professionally, respond in a timely manner to claims, and not cancel you or raise your rates if you make a claim. Also look at things like how many authorized repair technicians are on their list and in your town.

To know if you are getting the best rate, look at the annual premium. Some companies only make you pay 8 or 9 times a year so they may look more expensive but the overall cost is less. You might also be able to get a discount if you have the payments automatically come out of your checking account or do paperless billing.

It is best to do your homework and really compare insurance companies when looking to save some money. While you hope you never use your insurance, it is nice to know you will have a prompt and hassle-free claim process where everything is covered.

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