When is the Best Time to Compare Car Insurance Rates?

When consumers think about buying a car its common to look for deals at special times of the year. Whether its near the end of the month so the car dealership has incentive to offer a better deal to make a quote or at year end when even better promotions are usually advertised to help make room for next years models. In fact, almost all goods sold have some kind of period during the year when pricing incentives make for better deals.

Shopping for car insurance is different since there really is no “best time of the year” to take advantage of discounts but there are many things you can do to save money on auto insurance premiums, regardless of the time of year.

First, learn about the different types of car insurance. When you own a vehicle you must obtain some kind of car insurance and its important to understand the coverage options available. If you just stick with minimum state requirements you will most likely only have minimal protection to cover damage caused to other vehicles or injuries sustained by others but never have coverage to repair your own car and/or pay for any medical expenses relating to injuries you suffer from a car accident. It’s critical to understand about the basic types of car insurance including bodily injury liability, comprehensive car insurance, GAP car insurance and more.

Secondly, learn about car insurance discounts. How much you understand about the potential discounts available will almost always lead to better rates. Never expect a car insurance agent to automatically offer you all the discounts available. Make a list and ask any potential provider whether or not they offer these discounts and if you are eligible for them. In fact, when you make a list of discounts around make sure to call your current agent and see if you are missing any from your current policy. Some insurance providers may be able to modify your rates on the spot.

Finally – always compare car insurance companies. This is critical to finding the best auto insurance rates. Many drivers are familiar with the big brands such as GEICO, State Farm or Allstate but there are 100’s of auto insurance companies around. The best way to start car insurance quote comparison is to Google terms specific to your search. If you live in Los Angeles do a Google search for “Los Angeles car insurance companies” or if you have credit issues then expand your search to include items like “no credit check car insurance companies”. You will be surprised to see how much more relevant your search results will be when you use more defined search queries.

Car insurance is a necessary asset in today’s world and although there are no “Black Friday Deals” or “end of the month” promotions offered by car insurance companies you can save a lot of money with a little bit of education.

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