What You Need To Know About Rental Car Insurance

V-CarWhen you go to a rental company in order to rent a car, you will invariably be offered insurance for the period of time that you are driving the car. Most people purchase it without even thinking, or thinking that if something does happen, it won’t affect their normal insurance.

Many major insurance companies offer rental car insurance as a feature of their normal packages.

This protection negates the need for policy holders to buy the more expensive insurance offered at the rental car companies. The rental car coverage may not be all you would expect it to be either, as the driver may still be held liable for expenses such as loss of income which can be quite a hefty fee as it will cover the full time the vehicle is in the repair process.

Using your own insurance company to cover you will release you from any of these worries.

They will deal with the whole process, leaving you financially unaffected.

If you are renting a vehicle in another state or another country you will want to confirm with your insurance company that you are still covered. There may be extra coverage you will want to purchase in order to make sure you are fully covered in case of an accident.

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