What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance For Your Business

a car 4x4If you have a business that requires people to drive – whether it’s a delivery business or whether people need to visit clients, etc. – you need to have good insurance. Some businesses want a person to use his or her own car and own insurance. If you work for a business like that, be sure to be upfront with your insurance company and tell them that you use your car for business. That way, in the event of an accident while you’re on the job, you’ll be sure that you’re covered for any problems that may arise.

A lot of businesses don’t do things that way, though, and instead have cars or other vehicles that belong to the business and that the employees drive when they need to attend to company business.

If you’re the owner of a business like that, make sure that you have your vehicles properly insured. Don’t try to pass them off as personal vehicles if they’re used in business. If you do that and the person driving one of them is involved in an accident your insurance can fight the claim and try not to cover the vehicle. Since you don’t want that to happen and it could be very costly, make sure you’re honest with your insurance company, and that you check the driving records and validity of the drivers licenses of anyone who is driving for your company.

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