What To Do If Your Auto Insurance Expires

insurance1-2Did you forget to renew your auto insurance policy this year? Don’t be caught off guard and find yourself uninsured on the road! Check your expiration date on the declarations page of your auto insurance policy or on your auto insurance card. Has the date passed already?

When your policy expires, your insurance company will let your DMV know about it. If your vehicle is still registered to you, the DMV may contact you and request proof of insurance. If you fail to do that, you may lose your ability to register other vehicles in the future.

Be careful. If you decide to cancel your auto insurance within 45 days before the expiration date, you may have to pay a 50 dollar fee. You want to start looking for a new insurance provider early.

It might be time to start looking for a better insurance company and a better deal right now. Use an online company to help find the right insurance provider for you. You can compare prices and browse through a variety of different offers. Licensed car insurance agents are available immediately. Select coverage and get verification online within minutes. Most importantly, you can do this all for free!

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