Vern Fonk Car Insurance – Will You Save Money?

Most drivers in Washington and Oregon need to do everything they can to control the expense of owning and operating an automobile. The one area that we actually have the most control over is in the money we spend on auto insurance. Insured drivers can save more money when they deal with a company that works on their behalf to locate the right policy from the right carrier based on their unique circumstances.

Second Generation Auto Insurance Provider

Vern Fonk Car Insurance is just such a company, a second generation family owned business serving customers since 1952 and built with the goal of helping every customer find the right fit in quality affordable auto coverage. The reality is that not every car insurance carrier can provide cheap coverage for every driver.

Some companies do a better job helping so-called preferred motorists, drivers with no points or claims on their record; while others specialize in helping what the industry calls “high risk drivers,” those who have multiple accidents, moving violations, and/or claims on their record.

The best way to save money on auto insurance is to gain access to a wide range of quality insurers that can help drivers in any scenario. Vern Fonk is licensed with over 20 companies and can write policies for drivers with DUIs, reckless driving offenses, and even those whose licenses have been suspended. Saving money is a goal virtually all motorists have in common when it comes to their vehicle insurance, especially those of us whose insurance profile makes it tough to find decent rates.

Credit Scores and Car Insurance

It is a well-known fact that most insurers heavily factor your credit score into the auto insurance underwriting process, meaning that if your scores are low, you are likely to pay a high premium even if you are a safe driver. But there is something that many people don’t realize: insurers are under no obligation to take credit scores into account. In fact, some companies don’t look at credit at all.

Drivers who have been paying too much for their car insurance simply because of a few marks on their credit can get the relief they need by working with Vern Fonk Car Insurance. We partner with nine providers that do not discriminate against drivers based on credit issues. That means if you have a good driving record but bad credit, you can save a lot of money on your next policy.

Obtaining SR22 Forms

Of course, not all motorists have a pristine driving record. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and sometimes these mistakes result in a very complicated auto insurance picture. SR22 forms are a headache for drivers to deal with, but they’re necessary when required by the state for high risk drivers.

An SR22 in simple terms is just a form that proves you are insured. It can be required in cases where drivers receive a citation for DUI, but there are multiple other scenarios that can also lead to the need for this filing, such as:

– Reckless driving or other serious moving violations
– Habitual driving offenses or too many highway points
– At-fault accidents while uninsured
– Unsatisfied court judgments

Generally, SR22 forms are required for three years, although this can vary from state to state. Most drivers are unaware that their insurers actually complete this filing on their behalf, and that an SR22 in many cases won’t cost that much—normally a one-time fee covering the entire policy period. High risk drivers are encouraged to explore multiple carriers and see what they can do to obtain the policies they need to comply with legal requirements and save money doing so.

Auto Insurance for Every Driver

Saving money on auto insurance might seem like a real challenge especially for those who have spotty driving records. But with many specialty insurers available, we can help you get into a policy that provides the protection you need at a price you can afford. Vern Fonk Car Insurance has the experience and the industry connections to help drivers that have run into all sorts of issues complicating their search for affordable coverage, including:

– DUI and DWI
– Driving while suspended
– Driving without insurance
– Bankruptcy
– Policies for those without a car

These days, it is essential for drivers to make the most of every opportunity to find value in their auto policies. Those who have a perfect driving record as well as those considered high risk can all benefit from approaching this search intelligently and taking advantage of the competitive market to get the best deal. No matter what your situation might be, you owe it to yourself to get some free quotes and see how much money you can save today.

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