Using Twitter to Find Cheap Car Insurance

These days, Twitter is everywhere you look. More and more Twitter users are finding “secret” deals, coupon codes and bargains on Twitter as a clever way to save money. People are saving money on everything from clothing to electronics and hair products to pet products. You can use Twitter to save money — even on car insurance. In the following information, we’ll tell you how to locate cheap car insurance on Twitter, which is a great way to save time and money

What you’ll need:

  • A Computer
  • Internet Access
  • A Twitter Account

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you can set one up, quickly and easily. If you’re already ‘Tweeting’, you can skip through these five steps.

Setting up a Twitter Account:

  1. Type in “”
  2. Select ‘Sign up now’ at the bottom of the screen
  3. Enter the information you want to be displayed on your profile
  4. Adjust the settings and preferences to make it your own
  5. Log in to your Twitter account

You should first, search for your current insurance provider on Twitter to find out if you’re getting the most out of the deals and discounts that are available to you. While some insurance companies utilize Twitter for customer service purposes and to answer insurance questions, many use ‘tweets’ to post information about their special deals, discounts and freebies.

In order to cash in on the car insurance savings, you’ll need to ‘follow’ other Twitter users. If you’re searching for a specific insurance group on Twitter, you’ll need to locate the ‘find people’ link located in the upper right-hand corner of the Twitter home page. In the box provided type in the name of the insurance company to pull up results. If you find a Twitter profile that meets the criteria, you were looking for, click the button beside the username, labeled, and ‘follow’. Then, you will be following the company’s tweets, which unlocks updates about special deals or discounts from the insurance provider. 

By now, most major car insurance companies have a Twitter account. However, if your existing insurance company is small and/or local, then they may not have joined the Twitter forces, yet. But, more and more smaller companies are seeing the benefits of Twitter, so it may not be long before your local insurance company is ‘tweeting’ like a bird.

Car insurance companies on Twitter:

State Farm Insurance – State Farm mainly uses their Twitter profile for customer service purposes, but this company also posts special deals and discounts for their customers, as well. Follow StateFarm to get the inside scoop.

AARP – AARP offers profiles with updates that list their deals and discounts, but these profiles are listed according to state <e.g. – AARPNC (North Carolina), AARPCT (Connecticut) and AARP Tennessee (Tennessee)>.

GEICO – GEICO has several Twitter profiles, in order to better serve its customers. Money saving Twitter profiles for this top-rated insurance company includes GEICO Kash and Geico_Money.

Another option to save money on car insurance, using Twitter is to type in the name of the suggested Twitter users, in the ‘find people’ search box.

Twitter Suggestions for Cheaper Auto Insurance:





posh4250 (Auto Insurance Guy)


Finding great auto insurance deals on Twitter is easy, free, and (hassle-free) and fun. You shouldn’t be paying too much for auto insurance — there are plenty of discounts and savings to be discovered, and Twitter can help.

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