Use your car for work? Make sure your insurance knows that

white MercedesDo you use your own car for company business? If so, are you covered through your company’s insurance policy or do you need to make necessary changes to your own insurance policy? If you drive a company car, there is a strong probability that you are covered under your company’s policy, but it is still a good idea to verify that fact.

Are you self employed and do you use your vehicle for both personal and business pursuits? While it may be tempting to omit information regarding business use of your vehicle, you may regret it later if you should be involved in an accident while performing company business. If your insurance provider finds out about this omission of information, they may deny your whole claim, leaving you holding the bag for all repairs.

We suggest first contacting the person responsible for company car insurance (if you are using your own car to conduct their business). Verify the coverage and get copies of the necessary insurance information to carry in your vehicle. Should there be an accident, you will want to refer to their insurance first, leaving your personal insurance unaffected.

If you are self employed, we suggest contacting your insurance company to discuss the ratio of business to personal vehicle use. This ensures that your provider can correctly calculate your insurance needs and costs. Make sure you get copies of the paperwork regarding the distribution of coverage as you may need it at a later date.

Regardless of company or personal coverage, make sure you carry all of the appropriate information with you at all times.

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