When Traveling To Other Countries, Will Your Car Insurance Cover You?

car-insurance-countriesThere are a lot of variables to consider when planning a trip to another country. One important, although easy to overlook, consideration is car insurance. If you are going to be driving outside the U.S. you want to know that you will be covered in the event of an accident. Coverage outside the U.S. is dependant on a number of things. For instance, if you are driving your own vehicle from Arizona to Mexico, you’ll need to purchase insurance from a Mexican insurer. These are the only insurers recognized in that country. If you are driving a personal vehicle in Canada, however, you are covered by your American insurance as long as you are a tourist. If you are renting a vehicle you may be covered adequately by your own insurance, you may need to purchase rental insurance, or you may be able to access limited secondary insurance via the credit card you have used to pay.

For your peace of mind you should be aware of your insurance needs before you leave the country. Know whether you plan to driver your own vehicle or rent. Contact the embassies in the countries you plan to drive in for information on the legal requirements for insurance as well as for driver’s licenses and permits. Above all, make sure you contact your insurance company to let them know your plans and learn about your coverage.

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