Travelers vs. 21st Century Insurance – Get Informed

There are many options available when shopping for auto insurance. Most people worry about what they will be charged for premiums. However, there is more to any insurance company than the amount that you see on the bill every month. When choosing a company you want to know what they offer and if there are discounts you can take advantage of.

You also want to know how strong the company is, how likely they are to still be available to take care of you in the future. Here is what you need to know if you are considering either Traveler’s or 21st Century Auto Insurance companies.


It’s a good idea to bundle coverage with one insurer as this can provide you with a healthy discount. If you have multiple assets to protect, either company can take care of your needs. Traveler’s and 21st Century both offer insurance for all your assets from your automobile, motorcycle or yacht to your house, condo or rented property. They also offer coverage for weddings and other special events, floods, valuable items, umbrella insurance and identity fraud insurance.

Group Discounts

Both companies offer healthy discounts for being members of certain participating groups. If you are part of any association, credit union or a participating business, ask about the available discounts.

Coverage Levels

It is important to have several forms of protection when on the road. Traveler’s and 21st Century both offer coverage for bodily injury and property damage. You can purchase coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists, in case you are struck by someone who can’t cover the damage. Medical payments should be considered as the cost of treatment after an accident can be high. The companies also offer collision coverage in case your vehicle becomes damaged by sliding off the road or some other single-car accident. Finally, comprehensive insurance is necessary to protect your car against events such as vandalism, theft, fire or other damaging events.


Both companies offer a range of discounts to help you save money. Here is what you can expect from Traveler’s insurance in the way of discounts.

– Safe driver advantage – No accidents, violations or claims in the household
– Paid in full discount – Payment plans are available, but upfront payments will save you money.
– Multi-car advantage – Get a discount for owning more than one car
– Early quote advantage
– Multi-policy holders can enjoy up to 15% off
– Hybrid car drivers will get 10% off the premium for that vehicle
– Good student for A/B average
– Driver training for kids under 21
– Student away at school – The student must be under 25 and more than 100 miles away at their school to qualify for this discount.
– Home ownership
– New car – Drivers of brand new cars can take up to 10% off the premium for their collision coverage.
– Accident forgiveness
– IntelliDrive discounts – Designed for low-mileage drivers, people can enjoy between 5% and 20% off on their policy. This program does have limited availability based on the state of residence.

21st century is actually part of the Farmer’s group of insurance and offers a wide range of discounts, as well. Here are some ways you can save money with this company.

– Accident free and violation free for more than three years
– Anti-theft
– Defensive driver discount
– Driver’s education discount
– Good or non-drivers on the same policy can help lower rates
– Good student
– Group discount
– Mature discount for older drivers
– Multi-car discount
– Yearly accident/ violation free discount


It’s important to know where you auto insurance provider stands and what you can expect from them. The two companies have very similar ratings from JD Power. They are both given 2 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction. They both have 2 stars for their range of policy offerings.

In the area of price, they both receive 3 stars and they fall in the 2 star range where billing is concerned. The one area where they differ is in the ease of contacting a customer service agent. 21st Century is given 2 stars and Travelers is given a higher rating of 3 stars.

A.M. Best evaluates a company’s financial health and strength. They look at how solid the financial reports are and make a determination as to how likely it is that a company will still be around a few years from now. As of May, 2011 both companies have A.M. Best ratings of Excellent (A) and are considered stable.

The two companies are very similar. They both focus on low-risk drivers with reasonable driving histories. They are both solid companies that can take care of most of your insurance needs in addition to auto insurance. Finally, they both offer a wide range of discounts that can help you save money in the long run while keeping your car properly covered.

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