Top 5 Best Auto Insurance Companies

People have different reasons for why they choose a certain auto insurance provider; some prefer a particular company for the price, flexibility, reliability or financial stability of the company.

The “experts” make lists of the best car insurance companies based on how the company looks on paper, but the consumers are the ones who actually have experience in dealing with the insurance companies.

If you are searching for a new insurance company, visit the State Department of Insurance website for your state. This site lists customer complaints for every insurance provider in the state. 

The following “Top 5” companies are ranked in various orders on different top five car insurance lists across the internet. However, it may already have become clear that consumer opinions across the web can vary, therefore, consider the advice of your friends, family and peers when it comes to making the final choice.

Read our guide to the top five best auto insurance companies.

  1. State Farm — Due to the longevity of this insurance provider (established in 1922), State Farm has become one of the most trusted and respected insurance companies in the U.S. While State Farm offers higher rates than most insurance providers (rated three out of five on pricing), policyholders appreciate this company for two big reasons. Consumers are satisfied with the excellent customer service and fast claims handling, when they need to file a claim. In terms of customer ratings, State Farm received a perfect five out of five for customer service and a four out of five in terms of Policy Offering and Billing/Payment.
  2. Progressive — The majority of consumers are satisfied with Progressive. However, many are unhappy with the fact that policyholders need to have separate policies for every vehicle they own. However, many insurance shoppers appreciate being able to compare Progressive’s quote with the rates of up to three of their top competitors.
  3. Allstate — Allstate was founded in 1931, which has helped to establish a wide customer base, a reputation of quality and has led them to become the largest (publicly held) personal lines insurance provider in the U.S. The customer service at Allstate is another aspect to this company that keeps the consumers coming back.  However, keep in mind that most Allstate policyholders have to pay a lot for this service.
  4. Farmers Insurance — Most consumers are happy with the price of premiums at Farmer’s Insurance. However, consumers who have filed claims have discovered that this company has a reputation for fighting claims that are filed.
  5. Esurance — Esurance is a company that is based on the internet, so it makes sense why customers voted this company as the #1 auto insurance website for the customer experience. This company offers free quotes, online policy management, great discounts and 24/7 customer service and claims representatives. 

Finding the best insurance company, for your insurance needs is important. Therefore, insurance shoppers should compare rates to find the best quote, read customer ratings and reviews and ask those around you about their personal experiences with a company before choosing the best option for you.

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