Top 3 Reasons to Combine Your Auto and Renters Insurance

If you rent your home and own a vehicle – there are some important things you should know, in regards to your insurance policies. Many insurance companies are encouraging customer loyalty by allowing individuals to combine both their renter’s insurance and their auto insurance on the same policy through their company to receive a multi-policy discount. If you’re interested in finding out why you should combine your renter’s and auto insurance into one policy – keep reading as we discuss the top three reasons for multi-policy insurance. 

Reason #1: Saves Money

There are substantial insurance discounts that are available to drivers and renters for many different reasons ranging from being a safe driver to installing theft deterrent devices in your apartment. If you’re like most Americans– every little bit you can save, helps. Therefore, if your insurance provider is offering a multi-policy discount to combine your auto and renter’s insurance together – it’s reason enough to take advantage of the offer. In some cases, policyholders can save as much as, 10 to 15 percent on their policy. In addition, the savings aren’t just assigned to one policy – in many cases, the savings are available on both!

Reason #2: It’s Convenient

While saving money is a great reason to combine your car insurance and renter’s insurance policies – there are more. Having all of your insurance needs being addressed by one company keeps things simple. Not only is a multi-policy less confusing than having multiple policies, all over town, but it can be much easier for you – rather than having to mail out/ drop off two (or more) separate bills for insurance – you can pay your bills, ask questions about both policies and make changes to your policy — all at once. With the rising price of gas combined with the hectic and busy schedules of most Americans, it makes perfect sense to combine each of your policies into one.

Reason #3: Additional Savings

Not only do multi-policyholders receive a substantial discount by combining their auto and renter’s insurance, but they can also be eligible for a loyalty discount offered by several insurance companies for continuing to use them as a provider and for staying “loyal” to the same company. Loyalty discounts can start out at five percent off of your premium for the first three to five years that you maintain a policy through the same company, and then, increase to an impressive 10 percent (additional) discount. Therefore, the savings are incredible for those who have one insurance policy for their apartment and their auto insurance.

While these discounts are not offered by all insurance companies – more and more providers are starting this discount, as a means of securing long-term, “loyal” customers who appreciate the additional savings. In order to take advantage of the savings and the convenience of combining your policies – you’ll need to speak with an insurance agent to determine what your options are, and what the final savings will be for your insurance policies.

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