Three Tips on Buying Ana Compania De Seguros Auto Insurance

Ana Compania De Seguros actually started in 1930 as a company that provided roadside assistance to stranded drivers. It branched into the insurance business in 1995 and now offers nationwide coverage for residents of Mexico as well as tourists who are visiting the country. If you will be driving in Mexico while on vacation then you will need protection in the event of an accident. Here are three tips on buying from Ana.

Importance of Tourist Auto Insurance

Many people don’t stop to think about their insurance when they travel to another country. The problem is that most domestic carriers are not licensed in countries like Mexico and Canada. They are unable to provide you with the protection you need once you cross American borders. Before you head south for your vacation, take the time to purchase coverage from tourists. You will be safeguarding your car, your passengers and your assets back home.


The insurance coverage is sold by packages, each with slightly different features. These are just a few of the benefits provided by Ana Compania De Seguros.

• Ten percent increase of your car’s market value in the event of an accident
• An additional ten thousand pesos to purchase substitute automobile coverage
• Partial loss deductible for natural disasters and total loss accidents
• Damage resulting form robbery attempts can be covered
• Free rental car for up to 25 days in the event of a stolen car that is not recovered
• Legal advice is available should you be a victim of robbery or assault
• Liability extensions for additional protection
• Roadside assistance
• Accidental death
• Medical insurance
• Financial safeguards to stay compliant with Mexican laws
• Available automobile assistance for towing and other fees
• Coverage for fire, total theft and meteorological phenomena
• Protection against collision, overturned vehicles and broken windows


In addition to offering several different packages and coverage options, Ana Seguros also offers 24 hour service for your convenience. A national provider of insurance in Mexico, the company has an extensive network of tow trucks, attorneys, adjustors and customer service representatives who can assist you. When you are traveling in Mexico, they can provide you with thorough protection throughout the county.

Buy Direct Online

You can buy insurance directly from Ana Compania De Seguros Auto Insurance. However, you should remember that the company is Mexican and their website is in Spanish. If you are fluent in the language, or will be traveling with someone who is, then you can visit the company online for more information.

Their Internet site has all the details you need about various options, coverage levels, package deals and prices. You can choose the safeguards you want, customize the plan that will work for you, get the quote and buy the insurance from the convenience of your computer at home.

Call the Company Directly

Even if you aren’t bilingual, you can still work with the provider by calling them directly and expressing that you only speak English. The staff is fluent in both languages, so they can answer your questions, address any concerns and help you find the right coverage for your needs.

With their assistance, you will be able to make informed decisions about the coverage you are seeking. They will provide you with accurate quotes and you can buy the insurance over the phone.

When you are preparing to go on vacation outside of the country, you must take the time to secure auto insurance. Ana Compania De Seguros Auto Insurance can provide you with the coverage you need throughout Mexico. Don’t drive without insurance and put your family at risk.

Use our convenient comparison tools to find the best quotes so you can have protection you need when you travel.

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