The General Auto Insurance

Finding quality insurance can be a challenge if you have too many tickets on your record or a history of getting into accidents. Most companies won’t offer coverage to drivers who like to go fast or have a problem with causing accidents. Fortunately, the General Automobile Insurance Services will provide you with the protection you need, allowing you to keep driving legally.


Simply known as The General, this licensed insurance agency is subsidized by PGC Holdings Corporation. Founded in 1963, they have a long history of providing coverage to even the worst drivers. They currently enjoy a rating of A- from A.M. Best, indicating that they are financially stable.


When you are caught driving without insurance, the state may require that your provider submit an SR-22 form. This document must be sent by the insurance company to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to show that you are legally insured and meet the minimum liability levels. Most insurance providers will either drop your coverage completely or assess a high fee for filing file this certification. The General will maintain your protection and the associated SR-22 filing fees are very reasonable.

High-Risk Auto Insurance

Specializing in non-standard insurance, The General will cover those car owners who have a poor driving record. Even people who have had their license suspended or revoked will not be turned away. In addition to working with customers who have a history of violations or tickets, they will also provide you with competitive rates if you are over age 70 or under the age of 20.

Low Down-payments and Monthly Payments

One of the key philosophies of The General is that down-payments should be affordable for average people. They offer monthly payments that help take the sting out of the insurance bill, making it easier for you to stay covered. Customers can also choose between twelve-month and six-month policies.

Restricted Policies Available

Most companies will insure any driver who has permission to get behind the wheel of your car. However, this can cause rates to increase, especially if there are teenagers in the home. The General offers restricted policies. These special endorsements clearly state the individuals who are allowed to drive your vehicle. This effectively lowers the agency’s liability, allowing you to receive more favorable premiums.

Full Coverage Options

Liability insurance is required by most states. However, you also need collision and comprehensive if your car is not yet paid off. The General offers full coverage policies, helping you to stay legal with the government and in good graces with the finance company.

State Licenses

The General is licensed to provide insurance in the following states.

• Alabama
• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Florida
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• Missouri
• Nevada
• New York
• Ohio
• Oregon
• Pennsylvania
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• Virginia
• Washington

The company is not able to safeguard you when you are traveling in Mexico. They have partnered with another company that can assist you when you take your car outside of the country.


The General offers their clients several options for making payments. They have a website online where customers can manage their account and make payments. Payments can also be automatically charged to a debit or charge card and the agency welcomes automatic withdrawals from your banking account.

Instant Proof of Insurance

When you have been dropped by a company, you need to get coverage on your car again fast to stay legal. The General will provide you with immediate proof of insurance. The premium can be paid online and the insurance card printed from the convenience of your own home.


Take advantage of several discounts with The General. Even though the company doesn’t offer homeowner’s insurance, they will provide you with a discount if you own your home. Drivers who maintain insurance for more than six months before switching to this provider can receive a discount, as well as people who own more than one car.

Some payment plans will feature lower rates. The agency provides discounts if everyone on your policy has more than five years of driving experience and has not had any accidents or violations in the last three years. Senior citizens can enjoy additional savings and restricting the drivers who are allowed to operate your vehicle can also save money on the premium.

The General is one of the first companies you should look at if you are paying high premiums due to bad credit, age or driving history. While they don’t offer any additional products, they can help you maintain the required state minimum levels of auto insurance with affordable protection.

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