Tesla Motors Car Insurance – How Much Will You Pay?

Tesla motors shook up the automobile industry by introducing one of the most intriguing automobiles in recent history to the automobile market. The Tesla electric car’s release was one of the most talked about events in the automotive industry. It’s understandable why people are so excited about this car. Any car that makes good on its promise to run completely on a fuel source other than gasoline is bound to garner a lot of interest. When the car looks sporty and cutting edge, even more heads are bound to turn. Tesla Motors combined all those features into one, exciting new car – and people are still talking about it.

Tesla Motors Car Insurance Rates

When a car hits the scene with so much excitement it’s only natural that people are going to want to purchase it. Tesla motors may not be as big a company as Ford or Chevy, but their new fully electric car has captured the imagination and interest of car buyers from all over the world. People have been lining up to get one of these trendy cars that just happen to be environmentally friendly and fun to drive. While there are always varying opinions about makes and models of cars, no one can dispute that Tesla Motor’s marketing people did their job well.

So how much will you pay for Tesla Motor Car Insurance if you purchase one of these amazing electric cars? Like any answer in the world of car insurance, there are going to be varying prices. The same rules that determine car insurance rates on other models apply to the Tesla electric car. Car insurance companies have to assess several risk factors to truly determine the cost for car insurance on a Tesla model. 

Start With Your Record

Tesla Motor Car Insurance is sure to be higher for people that have had past accidents or traffic violation citations. It really doesn’t matter what kind of car you plan to get, if your driving record is bad, you can expect to pay more. This rule applies just as surely to Tesla car ownership as it does to any other car. You could bring down the rates you pay for car insurance by taking a safe driver’s course and your future rates will certainly drop if you avoid accidents and tickets in the future.

Price Matters

The Tesla electric car is not cheap. The electric car introduced by Tesla is also known as the Roadster. This model has been selling for as much as $42,000. The price tag on this car alone ensures you that you will pay higher insurance rates if you own one. The Tesla Roadster is also going to be considered more of a risk when it comes to car theft. Any car that stands out from the crowd is going to get attention. Unfortunately some of that attention is going to come from car thieves. Insurance companies know that the Tesla Roadster is going to be a target for thieves and they will adjust their rates accordingly.

Tesla Motors car insurance for the trendy Roadster is not going to come cheap, but neither will the car itself. To save money make sure that you keep your driving record clean and work with an insurance company you trust.

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