Buy Insurance By The Mile?

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In this economy, more and more students are going directly into college after having graduated from high school. This always means more expense for the family as far as college ... Read more..

Don’t Listen To The Hype! Teen Driver Myths BUSTED

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The downturn in the economy and the high cost of insuring young college bound students has been a burden that many college students and even their parents have been unwilling ... Read more..

Are You A High Risk Driver?

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Knowing whether you're a high risk driver can be important, especially when you're shopping for auto insurance. You don't want any nasty surprises, and if you're aware of your high ... Read more..

Driver’s Ed Saves You Money

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Every parent dreads the day when his or her teenager begins to drive. It is a coming-of-age event that signals a greater degree of responsibility and freedom, but also a ... Read more..

Teen Driving? Expect A Jump In Your Car Insurance

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Your insurance company determines your premium rate based on the risk you pose to them. The less risky you are, the less you have to pay for your auto ... Read more..