Four Signs of the Times Seen in Car Insurance Trends

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The tough economy of the past few years has led to shifts in the way many consumers approach their car insurance coverage. People are looking to cut down on their ... Read more..

Are Auto Insurance Rates Actually Declining?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 Posted in Accidents, Costs, Insurance Categories, Insurance Companies | No Comments »

Insurance rates have shown somewhat of a drop due to the price wars that are currently going on with insurance companies; however this doesn’t mean that you should feel fat, ... Read more..

What Declining Rates In Car Theft Mean For You

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Due to the introduction of such devices as Lowjack and may other different auto theft deterrent devices, car theft has diminished for the fifth straight year and in 2008 recorded ... Read more..

Easy Tips To Drive Safe And Lower Your Rates

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One of the biggest driving mistakes people make is how they drive on winding roads. They drive too fast for the road and/or for their driving abilities. They believe they can go ... Read more..

Keeping Your Kids Covered

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. In this difficult economy, it can be difficult keeping all your bills paid, especially the bills for auto insurance on young drivers. Insurance on young drivers is affected by many ... Read more..

What Women Need To Know About Auto Insurance

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If you're a woman, you should know that you're already eligible for cheaper insurance on your vehicle than a man would be. Women are believed to be safer and more ... Read more..

No Time For Driving School? No Problem

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In New York State, there's a new kind of driving school, and it's geared toward adult drivers who want points removed from their license for past traffic infractions and/or who ... Read more..

Save Money On Car Insurance- Buy A Hybrid

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If you're looking to save some money on your car insurance, you might want to consider making your next car a hybrid. That's because insurers argue that hybrid cars are ... Read more..

Prepaid Car Insurance?

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Prepaid car insurance, sometimes called behavior based car insurance, is designed for people who drive a lot less than the normal or average person does. Because they drive fewer miles, ... Read more..

Exciting Advances In Auto Security

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Car alarms have come a long way since the days when a loud beeping would begin if a burglar broke into your car. Though such alarms may have scared off ... Read more..