New Wisconsin Car Insurance Law Facing Growing Pains

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In some states, drivers who do not continually pay their car insurance premiums face automatic cancellation of their policies. However, Wisconsin does not enforce the regulation this way, and the ... Read more..

Do You Really Need Full Coverage?

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A lot of people try to shrug off full coverage car insurance and say that you don't need it. However, if you have a car that's still financed you're generally ... Read more..

Do I Need More Than Liability Insurance?

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Every state in the nation except for Wisconsin and New Hampshire requires that you have liability insurance. The level of mandatory coverage varies from state to state. It is easy ... Read more..

Getting The Right Insurance For You

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One of the greatest things about today’s society is the excessive amount of options available to the consumer. It is quite possible to find what you are looking for ... Read more..

Rental Car Insurance: Double Covered?

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When you go to the rental car counter, you will be asked many questions; what rental tier would you like, how long will you have it for, is this ... Read more..

The Best Liability Policy Limits

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 Posted in Accidents, Costs, Insurance Companies, States | 1 Comment »

States do have their minimum amount requirement for insurance, however; that amount is generally considered insufficient to cover realistic damages that occur in an accident, both bodily injury and property ... Read more..

The Minimum Insurance Requirement For The 10 Most Populated States

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 Posted in States | 3 Comments »

Are you shopping for car insurance? It is important to know the terminology. The first time I went searching for an auto insurance policy the insurance agent asked ... Read more..

Drive-Free States Still Have A Price

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Many of us hate paying costly insurance premiums, especially when we feel like we have a decent driving record or do not use or cars very often. If we ... Read more..

Is Auto Insurance Required In All States?

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 Posted in Accidents, Costs, States | 2 Comments »

In short, no. Auto insurance is not required in New Hampshire, Tennessee, and a couple of other states. However, you have to provide proof of financial responsibility, and you often ... Read more..