Will New Massachusetts Car Insurance Rate Regulations Backfire?

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In many states, your car insurance rates are partially based on your profession, education and credit score. Statistically, engineers are less prone to car accident than say, bar hops, so ... Read more..

Lowering Your Insurance Rates Just by Being Loyal

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Some insurance companies have figured out that keeping their existing customers happy is just as important as finding new customers. These insurers offer special discounts and savings opportunities to drivers ... Read more..

Should You Raise Your Car Insurance Deductible?

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Your car insurance deductible is the amount of money you have to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company will begin to pay toward a claim. When you purchase your car ... Read more..

High Safety Ratings on Your Car? You Might Get a Better Car Insurance Quote

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There are many ways you can get safety discounts on your car insurance: you can drive the safest car, live in a neighborhood with almost no crime, and drive more ... Read more..

Ford Innovates Inflatable Seatbelt

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While airbag technology has made great strides in protecting front seat passengers, the people sitting in the back seat have relied solely on their standard seat belts to keep them ... Read more..

Auto Insurance Cheaper for Larger Cars

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Car insurance rates for larger cars can be significantly lower than the rates for smaller cars. The main reason for the difference lies in the fact that larger cars are ... Read more..

Short On Cash? Don’t Skimp On Your Insurance

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Current figures show that there has been an alarming increase in the reduction of vehicle insurance coverage by vehicle owners trying to save some money due to the lagging economy. This ... Read more..

Are Auto Insurance Rates Actually Declining?

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Insurance rates have shown somewhat of a drop due to the price wars that are currently going on with insurance companies; however this doesn’t mean that you should feel fat, ... Read more..

Buy Insurance By The Mile?

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In this economy, more and more students are going directly into college after having graduated from high school. This always means more expense for the family as far as college ... Read more..

What Declining Rates In Car Theft Mean For You

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Due to the introduction of such devices as Lowjack and may other different auto theft deterrent devices, car theft has diminished for the fifth straight year and in 2008 recorded ... Read more..