The Price of Getting Caught Driving With No Car Insurance

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Even though laws vary from state to state, all drivers must carry at least some type of car insurance. While many people are trying to cut costs because of financial ... Read more..

High Risk? You Don’t Have To Pay High Prices

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If you're a high risk driver, and you find that you're consistently being asked to pay more for your auto insurance, you should know that you still have some options. ... Read more..

Friend borrowing your car? Make sure insurance covers them!

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I have cheap auto insurance considering everything that I am covered for, my age, driving record, and my car. However, I shopped around and did my homework. And, ... Read more..

Make Sure You Keep Your Insurance Current – Accidents Happen

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I knew this girl who let her auto insurance policy lapse. She realized that she needed to renew it and kept putting it off. Finally she took the ... Read more..