New Wisconsin Car Insurance Law Facing Growing Pains

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In some states, drivers who do not continually pay their car insurance premiums face automatic cancellation of their policies. However, Wisconsin does not enforce the regulation this way, and the ... Read more..

The Price of Getting Caught Driving With No Car Insurance

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Even though laws vary from state to state, all drivers must carry at least some type of car insurance. While many people are trying to cut costs because of financial ... Read more..

What Discounts Does All State Offer?

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When it comes to auto insurance how do you know if you are getting the best possible deal or not? It is very important that you take the time to ... Read more..

Advantages of Shopping Around for Auto Insurance

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There are many advantages to shopping around for auto insurance. Not only can drivers often find better and lower rates, but they may also find better coverage at a lower ... Read more..

Top Three Ways to Cut Insurance Costs

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In this tough economy, everyone is looking for ways to lower insurance costs and save money. It is important to remember, however, that when cutting back on insurance costs, one ... Read more..

What Declining Rates In Car Theft Mean For You

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Due to the introduction of such devices as Lowjack and may other different auto theft deterrent devices, car theft has diminished for the fifth straight year and in 2008 recorded ... Read more..

Going To College? Save Money On Car Insurance

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With young students heading to college, the burden of educational and other costs on the family budget can be heavy, especially in this time of world financial upheaval. Adding a ... Read more..

Listen Up Kids! Easy Tips To Save Money For Young Drivers

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Young drivers are always going to have higher insurance rates than older drivers, for many reasons, including inexperience and exuberance behind the wheel. But there are ways that young drivers can ... Read more..

Getting The Best Rate For Women

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Women get cheaper car insurance than men, all other things being equal. It's been shown in study after study that women are safer drivers overall, but there are always exceptions ... Read more..

An Accident Won’t Always Raise Your Car Insurance

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We’ve all been in that situation before. Maybe you were driving home from work and you hit a bird. It created a dent in your bumper. At first, you think ... Read more..