Saving Green By Driving Green: Insurance Companies Giving The Break To Eco-Conscious Drivers

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Not only do hybrid vehicles run quieter and use less fuel, now some insurance companies are adding to that cost reduction by offering reduced rates to drivers of hybrid vehicles. ... Read more..

Accidents In Dallas: The Benefits Of Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Texas is the second highest populated state in the country. Because of this, it is only natural that the city of Dallas would be full of people on the ... Read more..

Ballparks And Disneyland: The Different Models Of Auto Insurance

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Everyone knows someone who is afraid of flying. They avoid planes, preferring to drive or take alternative transportation. Maybe you are this person. However, given the statistics, ... Read more..

Combining house and car insurance? Your company might not be the cheapest

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You are looking to save some money every month and want to combine your insurance policies. You have homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and maybe even motor home or boat ... Read more..

Which car insurance company is best for you? Check rates before buying

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You’ve seen the commercials and think you can save hundreds of dollars if you switch car insurance. So you go online and get quotes from lots of companies. ... Read more..

Different Companies Can Offer Very Different Car Insurance Rates

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If you need something, you are going to want to pay the lowest cost for it. That is just human nature and how we survive. Unless you are ... Read more..

Check Rates Before Changing Car Insurance Companies

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There's one thing that rarely gets checked before most people buy a car. Auto insurance rates. Just as important as any part of the car, brakes, clutch, gears, ... Read more..

Car Insurance And Credit Ratings

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Your credit score. It helps you buy a house and a car. And apparently, it can affect the rate of your car insurance. The economy is tough, ... Read more..

Not All States Charge The Same For Auto Insurance

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Have you ever relocated to find that your car insurance rates changed? If you moved to a small, rural town in Wisconsin, you were probably overjoyed with the decrease ... Read more..

Auto Insurance Companies Vary – Do Your Research

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Do you remember the time you purchased your first car?? The thrill you received when you drove it off the lot and it was yours. Hooray! Nothing ... Read more..