What are Your UM/UIM Limits and Why You Should Check

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Despite the fact that all fifty states mandate a certain level of insurance coverage before a driver can set out on the open road, many people leave the house with ... Read more..

The Price of Getting Caught Driving With No Car Insurance

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Even though laws vary from state to state, all drivers must carry at least some type of car insurance. While many people are trying to cut costs because of financial ... Read more..

Listen Up Kids! Easy Tips To Save Money For Young Drivers

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Young drivers are always going to have higher insurance rates than older drivers, for many reasons, including inexperience and exuberance behind the wheel. But there are ways that young drivers can ... Read more..

Are You A High Risk Driver?

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Knowing whether you're a high risk driver can be important, especially when you're shopping for auto insurance. You don't want any nasty surprises, and if you're aware of your high ... Read more..

Is Group Insurance Right For You?

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Group insurance was previously something that you only heard about when it came to health care, but now it's also being seen in auto insurance circles. Group insurance can be ... Read more..

Understanding GAP Insurance

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If you owe money on your car – and who doesn't, these days? – you might want to look into GAP insurance. This insurance covers the 'gap' between what the ... Read more..

Do You Really Need Full Coverage?

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A lot of people try to shrug off full coverage car insurance and say that you don't need it. However, if you have a car that's still financed you're generally ... Read more..

Tips For Keeping Seniors Rates Low

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If you're a senior citizen you might find that some of the insurance companies want to charge you higher rates. It doesn't matter that you've been driving for 50 or ... Read more..

Prepaid Car Insurance?

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Prepaid car insurance, sometimes called behavior based car insurance, is designed for people who drive a lot less than the normal or average person does. Because they drive fewer miles, ... Read more..

Things To Look For In A Car Insurance Company

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Choosing an insurance company is both intensely personal and immensely important. By the time you need them, when you file a claim, it is too late to make another choice. ... Read more..