Can Red Light Cameras Cut Car Insurance Rates?

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Red light cameras have been touted by law enforcement agencies as a great tool for reducing traffic fatalities. The cameras take a picture of any car that is caught in ... Read more..

Car Insurance Rates on the Rise – How to Fight It

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Some of the hippest commercials on television today are slick, entertaining ads from the largest car insurance companies. Geico's Caveman campaign even developed a life of its own when the ... Read more..

How to Use Car Insurance Quote Sites

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The convenience of the internet has made it easier than ever to research car insurance policies so that you can be sure you are paying the best price for the ... Read more..

New Wisconsin Car Insurance Law Facing Growing Pains

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In some states, drivers who do not continually pay their car insurance premiums face automatic cancellation of their policies. However, Wisconsin does not enforce the regulation this way, and the ... Read more..

Will New Massachusetts Car Insurance Rate Regulations Backfire?

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In many states, your car insurance rates are partially based on your profession, education and credit score. Statistically, engineers are less prone to car accident than say, bar hops, so ... Read more..

4 Car Insurance Companies Offering New Car Replacement Coverage

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While there are many advantages to buying a new car instead of an older model, one big drawback is the fact that they depreciate quickly. In fact, within the first ... Read more..

Four Signs of the Times Seen in Car Insurance Trends

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The tough economy of the past few years has led to shifts in the way many consumers approach their car insurance coverage. People are looking to cut down on their ... Read more..

Should You Raise Your Car Insurance Deductible?

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Your car insurance deductible is the amount of money you have to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company will begin to pay toward a claim. When you purchase your car ... Read more..

Five Biggest Auto Insurance Discounts

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Every car insurance company offers special discounts to draw in new customers. Not all discounts are created equally, though. Here is a list of the five best auto insurance discounts ... Read more..

Car Insurance Fraud Crackdown in Florida

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Most people are aware of car insurance fraud, but they would probably be surprised to learn how often it occurs. The frequency and serious nature of the problem have prompted ... Read more..