Car Insurance Rates on the Rise – How to Fight It

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Some of the hippest commercials on television today are slick, entertaining ads from the largest car insurance companies. Geico's Caveman campaign even developed a life of its own when the ... Read more..

Lowering Your Insurance Rates Just by Being Loyal

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Some insurance companies have figured out that keeping their existing customers happy is just as important as finding new customers. These insurers offer special discounts and savings opportunities to drivers ... Read more..

Three Most Expensive Cars to Insure

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When it comes to getting the proper amount of auto insurance, we all know how expensive it can be. The fact that you are looking for auto insurance to insure ... Read more..

Yes, Your Classic Car Needs Special Coverage

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Classic cars require specific coverage because of what they are, the more classic they are, the higher the premium you are likely to pay. Using a classic car as a ... Read more..

Why The Cheapest Option Might Not Be the Best Option

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A lot of people, when they shop for car insurance, automatically look for the cheapest option that they can find. They assume that they can get a great deal by ... Read more..

Insurance Rates After Your License Was Suspended

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There are a few reasons why you might have had your license suspended recently. If you are caught driving under the influence, it is part of the process to ... Read more..

Car Insurance Rates After An Accident

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Every time I drive by someone pulled over on the side of the road that recently got in an accident, my stomach starts to hurt. I instantly feel sorry ... Read more..

Many Factors Affect Car Insurance Rates

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In today’s economy, we are all looking for ways to lower our expenses. Car insurance is one of those expenses no one really wants to pay, however we pay ... Read more..