California Pushing Low Cost Auto Insurance

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The tough economic climate in the United States, especially in struggling California, has made it nearly impossible for some people to afford insurance on their vehicles. Whether laid off, struck ... Read more..

5 Worst States For DUI’s Based On Auto Insurance Cost

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 Posted in States | 2 Comments »

Texas has the absolute highest DUI ratings. This is not averaged by population but just by DUI convictions. This is of note since Texas has about two thirds the population ... Read more..

SR-22 In California. Long Years Of Inflated Premiums

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The SR22 is a form filed with the state of California by an insurance company at the request of the insured. This form is a requirement of the state when ... Read more..

Grand Theft Auto: The Real Dangers

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Auto theft is a real business for many who choose to make their living on the dark side of the law. Unfortunately, it has cost millions of dollars in lost ... Read more..