Need insurance for a motor home? Check with several companies

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Buying insurance for your motor home is a must, but should you buy home insurance or auto insurance for your motor home? Neither, you need a special motor home ... Read more..

Many Factors Affect Car Insurance Rates

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In today’s economy, we are all looking for ways to lower our expenses. Car insurance is one of those expenses no one really wants to pay, however we pay ... Read more..

Getting car insurance online means you can compare companies easily.

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When you are searching for vehicle insurance online, keep in mind, the cheapest doesn’t always mean the best. There are many factors you will need to take into consideration other ... Read more..

SUV, truck, or car – What gives you the best insurance rate?

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The vehicle you purchase, its uses and amenities, will have a hand in determining what your insurance rates will be. Are you considering purchasing an SUV, a truck or a passenger ... Read more..

Don’t want to buy car insurance online? An agent can help you

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If you would prefer to discuss your car insurance directly with an agent, start your research online, find the insurance agent that most fits your criteria and give the agent ... Read more..

If you don’t drive much, you can get lower car insurance rates

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Car insurance companies base their rates on many factors, including driving record, zip code, credit history, car mileage, car type, car use, etc. You need to keep all this in ... Read more..

Use your car for work? Make sure your insurance knows that

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Do you use your own car for company business? If so, are you covered through your company’s insurance policy or do you need to make necessary changes to your own ... Read more..

Shop Around For Great Auto Insurance Rates

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Trying to save a buck? We're always looking for better deals and discount prices, especially in this economy. Why wouldn't we take advantage of lower car insurance rates? There ... Read more..

Combining Your Auto Insurance With Your Homeowners Insurance Can Save You Money

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When you look into purchasing homeowners insurance, check to see if the same company has any auto insurance deals available. Occasionally, when you buy more than one kind of ... Read more..

Getting Good Auto Insurance For Teenagers

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Although teen drivers may be the most risky on the road (and the most overconfident behind the wheel), cheap teen auto insurance coverage may be available. As you get older, car ... Read more..