Can Red Light Cameras Cut Car Insurance Rates?

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Red light cameras have been touted by law enforcement agencies as a great tool for reducing traffic fatalities. The cameras take a picture of any car that is caught in ... Read more..

Most Dangerous States for Drivers

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In the United States in 2009, there were more than 30,000 fatal car accidents, and over 5,000 of these were the result of distracted driving. One study used this data ... Read more..

You Never Expect It: Children in Pedestrian Collisions

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When you think of car safety, you usually think of how a car reacts when it is in a traffic accident at an intersection or on a busy street. People ... Read more..

Never Hit another Car in the Rear Again

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As part of its ongoing attempt to make cars safer for everyone, Volvo has introduced an innovative new technology that is designed to reduce the number of rear-end accidents on ... Read more..

Car Insurance Fraud Crackdown in Florida

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Most people are aware of car insurance fraud, but they would probably be surprised to learn how often it occurs. The frequency and serious nature of the problem have prompted ... Read more..

Can a Hands-Free Texting App Stop Distracted Driving?

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As many people have discovered, texting and driving, much like drinking and driving, do not mix. The law takes texting quite seriously. After many instances and reports of drivers who ... Read more..

What are Your UM/UIM Limits and Why You Should Check

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Despite the fact that all fifty states mandate a certain level of insurance coverage before a driver can set out on the open road, many people leave the house with ... Read more..

Who is Your Car Insurance Adjuster and What You Need to Know

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Most vehicle owners buy car insurance with the hope that they'll never actually have to call their insurance company and use the full coverage they've purchased. That's because any such ... Read more..

Short On Cash? Don’t Skimp On Your Insurance

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Current figures show that there has been an alarming increase in the reduction of vehicle insurance coverage by vehicle owners trying to save some money due to the lagging economy. This ... Read more..

What You Need To Know About Rental Car Insurance

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When you go to a rental company in order to rent a car, you will invariably be offered insurance for the period of time that you are driving the car. ... Read more..