SUV, truck, or car – What gives you the best insurance rate?

white sports car conceptThe vehicle you purchase, its uses and amenities, will have a hand in determining what your insurance rates will be.
Are you considering purchasing an SUV, a truck or a passenger vehicle? How will that vehicle be equipped? What is the general track record for that type of vehicle? What is that vehicle’s desirability to thieves? All of these and more, are factors in determining your insurance. SUVs and pickup trucks tend to be higher to insure than your average passenger car, due to their general usage, their desirability to thieves and their cost to repair. You can keep your insurance lower by making sure these vehicles have theft prevention devices (be they built in or after market) and safety features designed to protect the passengers.
You might think little economy cars are your best bet insurance wise, but that is not necessarily true, some economy cars are very desirable to thieves and many have minimal safety features built in. Don’t just assume your economy car will be the lowest thing to insure.
Decide what your criterion is for use and desirability for your vehicle. Have a list of vehicles you are interested in, present that list to your insurance agent so your agent may give you quotes on cost and then make your decision with well rounded information.

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