Subaru Impreza Auto Insurance

The Subaru Impreza is a compact coupe in the sports car category, so many individuals who are considering purchasing the Impreza may wonder about the cost to insure this foreign car and whether or not it’s a great deal.

The Impreza offers a high performance engine and features impressive handling, especially in windy conditions. The Subaru Impreza also comes standard with several security features such as, an engine immobilizer, central locking and keyless entry. While these features are nice to have for your protection, they’re excellent to have built-in to the vehicle because it keeps the cost of insurance, especially low. Insurance companies charge lower rates for vehicles with a lower risk of theft and these standard features make the Subaru Impreza, less risky to insure.

In reference to the cost to insure a Subaru Impreza, the rates can vary dramatically according to a person’s location, credit history or driving record and each insurance company. Therefore, in order to find the cheapest rates, it helps to shop around for the lowest premiums by entering your information into a database and receiving an online insurance rate quote.

Factors that may affect the price to insure the Subaru Impreza include:

*Parking Conditions (garage or street parking?)

*Personal Driver Information (zip code, driving history and credit score)

*Current Insurance Information (if applicable)

*Primary use of the car (work or casual driving?)

*Mileage per year (estimate)

*Number of Claims or Accidents (in last three years)

*Make, Model and Year of the Subaru Impreza

The average cost for a single man in his 30’s who parks the Impreza in a garage at night and the car also has the standard safety features would be around $550 per six months. However, the cost can vary dramatically in different locations, therefore it’s important to check around for the average price in your area (and the lowest!).

While the exact price for premiums varies, the Subaru Impreza is typically cheaper to afford than most cars in its class (sports class). In fact, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (a partner of Subaru of America, Inc. or SOA and the new Drive Performance website) is offering Subaru owners: the Subaru Advantage Insurance Program, which benefits all Subaru owners who qualify (including the Subaru Impreza). The Subaru Advantage Insurance Program offers special plans and programs including, 10 percent off homeowner’s and auto insurance premiums, 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance, towing to closest Subaru dealer, original Subaru replacement parts, new Subaru Total Loss Replacement and other special Subaru owner discounts (based on the owner’s age, college education, driving experience, bicycle replacement (Subaru Advantage Insurance home coverage), safety features on the vehicle, and more).

The Subaru Impreza definitely makes an impression with its powerful 142 horsepower (5600 maximum hp) and affordable market price with most models under several thousand under $20,000. And what makes the Impreza even better is that this attractive car is easy and inexpensive to insure for most. Therefore, not only is the typical list price of this vehicle is affordable, but it’s also reasonably priced to insure, as well.

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