Station Wagon Auto Insurance Prices

Throughout the years, the station wagon has evolved to become a sleeker, sportier, more modern version of the traditional station wagon that so many of us are familiar with and recognize as an All-American family icon. Newer station wagons are being given new names such as, compact-utility vehicle, crossover, five-door and sports wagon. With these changes, the popularity of the family station wagon has greatly increased, as well.  Therefore, many people who own a station wagon or are considering purchasing a reliable family vehicle that offers the convenience of a car, with the extra passenger room and storage capabilities of a van are wondering about the cost to insure a station wagon. In the following information, we will discuss the insurance prices for a station wagon and talk about which options are the cheapest, as well.

It’s no wonder why people would want a station wagon. These wagons offer better gas mileage than SUVs and minivans, are more affordable buying options and offer cheaper insurance than most vehicles. Station wagons have cheaper insurance rates because they are safer with plenty of features and stability options, decent in size, but not so large that they cause much injury or damage to others, they typically aren’t stolen and they cost a lot less to repair than most vehicles, as well.

The Car Family states that the best station wagons to buy and insure are:

1. Kia Ronda

2. Subaru Impreza

3. Dodge Caliber

4. Pontiac Vibe

5. Mazda

6. Toyota Matrix

The station wagon auto insurance rates depend on several different factors including the type of station wagon that the vehicle is and several other personal factors about the individual who is requesting coverage (age, location, gender, driving record and credit score). In addition, insurance companies base the premium for station wagons (and all vehicles) on the claims records for each vehicle, therefore, the insurance rate can vary considerably with different makes, models and sizes depending on the claims history for the specific station wagon. For instance, in between 2002 and 2004, smaller sized station wagons ranged from 54 percent higher than average (Subaru Impreza) to 20 percent lower than average (Volkswagen Jetta). However, during that time, the claims records for mid-size wagons were about 24 percent less than average. Therefore, most mid-size station wagon options are available for cheaper insurance rates than most other types of cars.

According to, the cheapest station wagons to insure and the average annual premium:

1. Chrysler Town & Country LX ($1,120)

2. Dodge Grand Caravan SE ($1,131)

3. Toyota Sienna CE ($1,133)

4. Toyota Sienna LE ($1,149)

5. Dodge Grand Caravan SXT ($1,187)

6. Toyota Sienna XLE ($1,188)

Moreover, because there are several different factors involved when it comes to determining insurance premiums, it’s a good idea to compare quotes to determine which company offers the best rates for a particular type of station wagon. While many other vehicles are more expensive to insure, station wagons have consistently decreased in price, as far as insurance premiums are concerned. Therefore, this family vehicle is not only cheaper to own and fill up the tank, but it is also a much cheaper option, when it comes to paying for auto insurance.

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