States Vary On Insurance Requirements: Be Sure You Know The Law

Are you moving in the near future? Moving is part of life and it requires people to undergo many unwanted tasks to get settled in their new location. Packing, traveling, etc are all part of moving. However, do not forget when you move that you need to get a new insurance policy or at least update your address with your current insurance company.

Why is it so important to update your information for insurance purposes? Couldn’t you technically keep your old policy? Unfortunately, no. One of the biggest reasons you need to update your personal information with your insurance company is because states vary on their insurance requirements. Every state has a different minimum requirement for personal property damage and bodily injury liability. Therefore, these numbers will definitely change when you move locations.

Also, insurance companies also consider certain areas more risky to drive in. And, although you might think this is unfair, it is true. You are more at risk of getting in an accident if you drive in high traffic areas than if you drive in areas where there are only one-lane highways.

Wherever you live, make sure that you have the minimum requirements so that you are no driving without proper insurance.

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