3 States With The Strictest Penalties For Driving Uninsured

states-penaltiesAlmost all states require auto insurance. Not only is it smart to have car insurance and avoid risks on the road, but it is also the law in most places. However, many people everyday drive without insurance. If they are caught, they are usually charged a small fee and forced to appear in court proving that the either renewed their lapsed policy or got a new policy altogether. Some states, however, are stricter with their penalties when it comes to driving without insurance.

Oregon, for example will fine you, suspend your license and tow your car. Once happens you have to fill out a form proving your financial responsibility. After you have done all of this and gotten liability insurance, your license can be renewed.

In New York, the DMW keeps track of everyone’s insurance. If for some reason you lapse on your policy, the DMV is immediately notified and you will be fined. Also, if you are planning on switching companies, you have to notify the DMV as well. Basically, it is virtually impossible to drive uninsured without the DMV knowing or without getting fined.

In Utah, the problem with uninsured motorists became so bad that the state decided to become stricter on how they dealt with people who drive without insurance. Specifically, those who cause accidents without insurance get their licenses revoked until they can pay the damage in full. For some, that is a very long time.

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