Which States Are Best To Drive In?

states-driveDriving enthusiasts all have opinions concerning the best and worst parts of the country in which to drive. Based on a few subjective criteria, here is what people are saying about the best places in the U.S. To hit the road.

As far as actual drivers, Oregon seems to be ranked as having the most courteous and law-abiding drivers, while Florida pulls up at the rear as being the most aggressive and impolite. This could be due to the high population of elderly and college-aged residents who either aren’t as aware of their surroundings or who just don’t care if they are cutting off a fellow highway traveler.

Terrain definitely plays a role, and if you like hills then Colorado is your state. Mountainous roads are frequent and climbs can be steep, so carry extra oil and watch for overheating in the summer months. Louisiana is the flattest geographically, so if a flat drone is more your style, you’ll love driving through the bayous and quaint cities.

As far as traffic is concerned, it might be best to know the worst cities to drive in. The most traffic-congested cities seem to be Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Dallas, and San Francisco. If horn-honking and crawling speeds are not your thing, avoiding these cities would be wise. Otherwise, enjoy the Sunday jaunt of your choice and remember to afford other drivers the same courtesies you would like them to extend to you as you conquer America’s highways!

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