SR-22 In California. Long Years Of Inflated Premiums

sr-22-californiaThe SR22 is a form filed with the state of California by an insurance company at the request of the insured. This form is a requirement of the state when a driver is cited not having the appropriate insurance as required by law. Basically if a policy should expire, cancel or not renew for any reason and is not immediately replaced with no time lapse, an SR22 has to be filed with the state showing the driver currently covered by insurance. This type of form can also be required for other traffic violations such as driving under the influence or other serious violations that involve negligence or serious life endangerment.

California has long been known for inflated premiums in comparison to many other states. As an example, insurance companies based their rates on zip codes, having a large variation for the same driver in different zip codes. The SR-22 is no different, The if you were unfortunate enough to let your insurance lapse and needed an SR-22, then you have experienced the long years of higher premiums coupled with the fact that your insurance company has not only the ability but the responsibility of informing the state if you lapse at any time for any length of time on your premiums.

If your need for the SR-22 is based on DUIs or another major infraction, you can expect to pay even more and in this case you might need to go to a company that specializes in SR-22 insurance.

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