Schrader and Murphy Car Insurance Review

Auto insurance premiums are based largely on your personal driving record. The insurance companies reserve the right to refuse to provide you with insurance coverage.

If your insurance drops you because of multiple tickets, DUI’s or accidents you can be left wondering where to go. Schrader & Murphy Insurance is one of the companies that can keep you covered despite a terrible driving record.

Available Policies

Most insurance companies that are designed for people with less than desirable driving histories only offer auto insurance. Schrader & Murphy offers a range of insurance policies including the following:

– motorcycle
– recreational vehicle
– boat
– renters
– home owners
– life


Schrader & Murphy is more than happy to reward great customers and good students. They will provide you with discounts for having multiple policies with them and more than one vehicle. They also provide discounts for students with high grades. Customers can also take advantage of a discount by paying for the policy in full. Taking a defensive driving course can also earn you a healthy discount with this provider.

Extra Services

You don’t have to pay for a separate policy with a roadside service company. Schrader & Murphy also offers road service packages to help protect you on the road.

Coverage Areas

Schrader & Murphy offers insurance coverage throughout the state of Washington. Their strongest focus is in the greater tri-city area of Washington. Covering the cities of Vancouver, Spokane and Spokane Valley, this company offers insurance coverage even to high risk drivers.

Personal Service

Rather than being one person out of thousands of customers, you will be one important customer who gets to build a long-lasting relationship with their agent. Every policy is managed by a state licensed agent who will work with the policy holder closely throughout the life of the policy. The agent can assist you in the claims process should that be necessary and they can help you find out where and how to make payments.

SR-22 Insurance Provider

The SR-22 form is required by the state to show that problem drivers are properly covered. There are several reasons why the state might require a driver to file an SR-22.

– Uninsured drivers who fail to pay the required compensation will have to carry one.
– Unsatisfied judgment suspensions will result in an SR-22 form requirement.
– Receiving a suspended license will also carry this requirement when you get your license back.
– If you are convicted more than three time for mandatory insurance violations.

Once an SR-22 is required with the state, it must be maintained for 36 months. Schrader & Murphy is a provider of the necessary SR-22 insurance that you need to keep your car on the road legally. Most insurance providers are not willing to deal with the higher risk associated with drivers who require this form.

They are also not willing to deal with the extra paperwork that is created by this state requirement. Schrader & Murphy is happy to take new customers who require the SR-22, although they will charge an extra fee for the filing expenses.

Multiple Tickets

If you have a lead foot, then you may have found yourself staring at a notice of insurance termination from your last provider. All insurance companies are in the business of making money, and drivers who are prone to speeding or running red lights pose a high risk of causing accidents. This company specializes in providing coverage to drivers who find themselves uninsurable through traditional companies.


Getting a DUI is almost certainly grounds for termination with most other companies. The chance that a drunk driver will cause an accident is simply too high and most companies will decide that your business is not worth the risk. Schrader & Murphy will even insure those drivers who underestimated their level of intoxication.

Insurance premiums are based largely on your personal driving record. All insurance companies will lower premiums for safe, responsible drivers and raise the premiums for drivers who tend to drive too fast, violate the laws or get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Most companies will drop coverage completely for these drivers, but Schrader & Murphy is in the business of providing insurance even to these higher risk customers.

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