Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

blue plastic piggy bankLook to your left. Now your right. Now in eight other directions. It’s likely that everyone you looked at is paying far too much for their car insurance. And it’s likely they don’t know it.

It’s possible to get a better rate, right now online, from a different insurance provider. If you are fed up with high insurance rates from your current provider, simply take an hour or so and research a little online to find a more competitive premium.

There’s a few ways to narrow down your search for the best insurance rate for you, and to get all the discounts that you qualify for. First, go online to a site that compares various auto insurance providers, putting them side-by-side, and allowing you to immediately view which provider will give you the best quote.

Other ways to keep your insurance rate low is to keep a clean record (both on the road and criminally). Try driving a “low profile car” such a smaller, cheaper car, rather than an SUV or sports car. Those will drive your rates up quickly.

Chose a low risk occupation. Higher risk jobs make for higher risk drivers. Search for combined coverage, and discounts for safety features. If you are involved in a professional organization, or if you are a senior citizen, you may be eligible for discounts as well.1162218_dollar_army_3

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