Saving Money On Auto Insurance Is Easier Than You Think

Mason Jar Savings BankIn this current day economy, people are pinching pennies so hard they are not squeaking, they are screaming. Everyone is trying to save money in every facet of their financial lives.

Many individuals or families are cutting their insurance coverage far below what it should be, or they are dropping the coverage all together.

This can be a dangerous practice that can have drastic, long reaching consequences. There are ways you can save money without putting you, your family or anyone else that rides in your vehicle in danger.

Driving less can decrease your insurance premiums.

  1. Walk when you can and ride a bike when you can, this is good for your health, your pocketbook and even for the environment.
  2. If you can’t walk or ride a bike, you can plan your trips so that you are doing multiple errands in each trip, thereby minimizing your mileage.

Theft deterrent systems, especially traceable ones such as Lowjack can also minimize your insurance premium, as well as help get your car back if it’s stolen.

Do some research on the vehicle you drive or plan on purchasing.

Expensive vehicles require more insurance as do:

  •  sports cars,
  • convertibles or
  • vehicles high up on the most stolen list.

With a minimal amount of research you can find out a lot about how insurance companies figure out their rates and with that you can adjust the things you are able in order to lower your premiums as much as possible without lowering your coverage.

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