Quick AA Car Insurance Company Overview

AA Auto Insurance Company specializes in providing cheap auto insurance to driver’s all across the country. Even drivers who are required by states across the nation to carry SR-22 insurance can get the coverage they need through AA insurance companies.

A Range of Offerings
In addition to covering your auto, AA insurance plans will also protect you against unexpected breakdowns. You can also get insurance for your home through this agency, as well as life insurance and travel.

AA Auto insurance is offered in all 50 states. Contacting them, however, is not a simple matter of visiting one website. The insurance is sold exclusively through agents operating in each state. To find an agent near you, do a search for AA insurance in your state.

AA auto insurance offers all the coverage plans you need. Choose from their different plans to customize the right coverage for you and your family.

• Bodily injury liability – This coverage covers the injuries or death sustained to other people when you cause an accident. Choose higher coverage levels as any amount of damage above and beyond what you are insured for can be charged to you personally. Even if you don’t have assets that can be seized, the wronged parties can still have your wages garnished to cover the damages.

• Property damage – This is the coverage that is needed to pay for damage caused by you to other autos, homes and property. The state minimum levels are typically far lower than the damage amounts that can occur in an accident. Choose higher levels to protect yourself and your assets.

• Medical payments – These payments are meant for your personal injuries in the event of an accident. They may also cover rehabilitation services and remedial care expenses. It is important to note that your health insurance company may refuse to cover you for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, making this coverage an important part of your insurance plan.

• Uninsured and underinsured motorist’s coverage – Most states require that the person who caused an accident should pay for the damages. When that person is not carrying enough insurance, you can not expect your insurance company to make up the difference. To protect yourself with AA insurance, choose this additional insurance coverage.

• Collision coverage – Not every accident is caused by other drivers. If you should slide off the road due to bad weather, this is the coverage that will repair or replace your car.

• Comprehensive coverage – Things can happen to your car that have nothing to do with the roadway. Vandals, theft and falling limbs can cause massive damage to your car that is only covered under the comprehensive plan.

Multiple vehicle discounts are one of the ways you can save money with AA auto insurance. You can also request a discount if you have more than one policy with the company. Talk to your local agent about the safety features your car has to see if you can get a discount. You should also let them know if you have an anti-theft system, as this can also help you get lower rates.

The best way to lower your auto insurance premium is to be a safe and conscientious driver. Obey the traffic laws so you won’t get tickets and drive defensively to avoid accidents. Make sure that you pay auto insurance premiums on time so you can drop the SR-22 mandated coverage as soon as possible.

You can also raise your deductible to enjoy a lower premium. Contact your local AA auto insurance agent for more information about this insurance coverage that is designed for less than perfect drivers. It can help you save money while also providing better protection.

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