Prepare Your Car for Summer

warmer weather, and a lot of fun in the sun. For drivers, however, it also means worrying about new dangers to your car that weren’t present in the winter and spring months. Just because you have to be responsible, however, doesn’t mean all of the fun has to be sucked out of summer. In fact, preparing your car for summertime now can actually end up allowing you to have a better, more protected, and more worry free summer.

One thing you’ll want to check out with the start of summer, or even sooner depending on where you live and when cold weather subsides, is if there is any leftover salt residue on the car’s body. Salt, used to make slippery roads less dangerous in the winter, often attaches itself to the body of the car and, if left unheeded, can cause rusting and other external damage. If rusting isn’t taken care of, it could eventually affect the important internal parts of the car, so it’s best to do some damage control now and give your car a good, thorough scrub down.

Another small but important thing all drivers will want to do is to refill their washer fluids and make sure they remain full throughout the summer. This will keep bugs and other debris from clogging up the windshield, thereby making it more difficult to see and increasing your chance of accident on the busy summer roads. In addition to filling up the washer fluid, you’ll also want to make sure you’re good on coolant and water to keep your car from overheating during long, hot summer drives. While, you’re at it, it’s also a good time to check/change the oil, especially if you’re planning on a lot of long trips this summer.

You’ll also want to be sure to have your wheel and tire alignment checked out and realigned if necessary. Sometimes, the tough driving through winter snow and potholes and/or spring rain can lead to misalignment and driving difficulties that can cause damage to your vehicle or even shorten its lifespan. As such, it’s always a good idea to get these things checked out early in the summer so that you’re not plagued with problems—problems that could derail all your summer fun—later on down the road.

Finally, don’t ditch the anti-freeze just because it’s summer time. Though many people think anti-freeze should only be used in the colder months, it’s actually important all year round, because it keeps corrosion from happening and keeps your engine, one of the most expensive things you could ever have to repair or replace on a car, protected. If it’s been awhile, then you might also want to take your car in for a tune up as well, just to make sure it’s perfectly ready to handle all the demands of summer and to ensure that your summer will be a carefree one.

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