Pemco Insurance Auto Discounts

Pemco Insurance is a reputable automobile insurance provider that offers several discounts to its qualifying clients. Unlike many other insurance companies, Pemco Insurance is not shy about offering these discounts to their clients and letting them know that they exist. In fact, the company is so adamant about helping its customers to save money that it boldly displays all available discounts on its websites. This is an outstanding trait, since most insurance companies make the customer do the work of finding and bringing up the insurance discounts to their providers in order to save money. Whenever an insurance company does this, it’s like a green light letting you know that you can trust them.

One of the offered discounts is the auto plus discount, which can help you to save about 6% on your automobile insurance premium. This discount is only available to those customers who insure both their homes and their automobiles with Pemco. If you already have insurance for your home, it is worth it to consider switching providers since you can also save 25% off of your base home premium.

The new customer discount is offered to all of those who switch their insurance over to Pecmo or who open their first policies with Pemco. The discount, available only to those drivers who have been driving for at least three years without any accidents or speeding violations, is available for the first two years of your new policy.

Likewise, good drivers can also qualify for the safe driver discount. This comes in handy especially after your new customer discount is past the two year period. Your good driver discount will increase for every year in which you avoid accidents and speeding violations and will continue to grow for as long as ten years accident and violation free.

The alternative commuting discount is great for part time or full time workers who make a considerable commute to work. If you only use your car to commute two days per week or less, you can end up saving up to 5% on your car insurance premium. Another smaller but still beneficial discount is the safety features discount and the security features discount. If you install certain safety features on your car, such as air bags and backup cameras, or certain security features, such as a car alarm or coded door entries, you can save money.

Owners of more than one automobile who insure at least two of their cars with liability coverage on the same policy can also save. In fact, these drivers can save up to a whopping 20% on their automobile insurance premiums.

For student drivers, either in high school or college, several discounts are also available. These include the good student discount, available for those student drivers with a minimum 3.0 grade point average and a good driving record, free of accidents or speeding violations.  The away at school discount also comes in handy for students who attend college or a boarding school at least 75 miles away from their home and who do not have a car at school.

Finally, drivers who are age fifty-five or older and who have completed a certified defensive driving course can qualify for the defensive driver discount.

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