Pemco Car Insurance Discounts and Specials

Everybody loves getting a bargain. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing something that is pricey or something that is relatively cheap, there’s just a great feeling when you get a something on sale. Not only is saving money exciting, it is essential to get by these days. Economic pressures are pushing people from every angle and finding new ways to save money can really help to make ends meet.

One thing that you should be really interested in saving money on is your car insurance rates. Pemco is an insurance company that is known for offering great insurance rates. Smart insurance shoppers can get even more Pemco car insurance deals and specials if they meet certain criteria. If you choose Pemco as your car insurance company, you’ll love hearing about some of the great discounts they offer.

The Safe Driver Discount

One of the best things you can do to get low car insurance rates is to have a good driving record. This is one of the variables in your car insurance prices that you have the most control over. If you’ve been driving for a while and have a good driving record, Pemco Car Insurance has a discount to reward you for it. Even if you’ve not had the cleanest driving record up till now, you can still get in on these Pemco Car Insurance discounts for safe drivers. Every year that you drive without having an accident will earn you increasing discounts on your car insurance payments. In fact, Pemco will do this for up to 10 years of safe driving on your part.

The New Customer Discount

Nothing says welcome like saving money. One of the most popular Pemco Car Insurance discounts is their new customer discount. Just for signing up to get your insurance from Pemco you get a special newcomers discount. This is a great discount and it applies to new Pemco customers for the first two years that they are customers. This is a great discount that applies only to new customers with 3 years of accident free driving experience.

The Auto Plus Discount

If you’re looking for Pemco Car Insurance discounts and specials, the Auto Plus Discount is a great deal for homeowners. Insurance companies will often give you a price break for bundling your insurance coverage. If you get your homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance from Pemco, you could get up to a 9% discount. While you’re saving on auto insurance, this discount could also earn you up to 25% off of your home insurance premium.

We all need to have good auto insurance coverage. By taking advantage of Pemco Auto Insurance discounts and specials, you can get top notch insurance coverage and save a lot of money in the process. Nothings better than great insurance coverage, except great coverage at a bargain price.

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