Part Time Car Insurance – is it cheaper?

Many Americans are finding ways to cut back on their fuel expenses by driving fewer places (or shorter distances) to save gas, taking public transportation or carpooling. The good news is that there may be a link between cutting back on fuel usage and saving money on your car insurance bill. Keep reading to find out more about the connection that could end up saving you a lot of money.

Drive Less — Get Rewarded

If you are walking, biking, carpooling or taking public transportation to work — congratulations — not only are you being good to the environment (and your wallet) by buying less gas, but you may be eligible for savings on your car insurance bill, as well. Vehicles that are driven part-time or have low-mileage may qualify for cheaper car insurance rates.

Pay-as-you-Drive Car Insurance

Many insurance companies are designing programs where insurance premiums are based on actual miles being driven, rather than other more traditional factors. These pay-as-you-drive insurance programs can allow part-time drivers or those with low-mileage vehicles to save more than 50 percent, in some cases.

How Does Part Time Car Insurance Work?

These pay-as-you-drive programs normally require the installation of a GPS device or odometer into the vehicle to precisely track the number of miles that are being driven. The information recorded on these devices can be transmitted to the insurance company, which is used to determine the appropriate insurance rates.

How Can I find out if my Insurance Provider offers PT Insurance?

The best way to find out if part-time insurance is available through your existing insurance provider is by contacting them, personally. You may be able to visit the company’s website, if they have one or if not, you may want to call your provider on the telephone or visit the local office to ask them, in person. More and more car insurance providers are offering part-time or pay-by-the-mile insurance policies that are designed with the “frugal driver” in mind, so if you are insured through a nationally based company, there is a good chance that your provider will offer a special or part-time policy to drivers who are hoping to save for driving less.

Car Insurance Savings for Part Time Drivers

Many drivers are cutting back on their driving for various reasons. Some of these individuals have cars, trucks and SUVs that they rarely drive, but they are still paying the full amount for their insurance. If you are eligible for part time auto insurance and your insurance provider offers this policy as an option, then you can experience substantial savings for as long as you cut back on your time behind the wheel — therefore, the savings could be for a lifetime.

Part time car insurance is the perfect solution for drivers who drive less often due to being close to work, driving a company car, taking public transportation, carpooling with co-workers, being concerned about the environment or for those who are just trying to save money on gas.

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