Where Can I Buy Auto Insurance Online?

Shopping for car insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, the Internet has made buying auto insurance much easier than it used to be. By purchasing a policy online, you eliminate the need to drive to your insurance agent’s office to argue over coverage and deductibles. You also reduce the risk of buying a policy that is not right for you.

Buying Insurance Online

Almost all major car insurance companies give shoppers the option to quote and purchase a policy without leaving their homes and most of the questions they ask are similar. However, obtaining a quote online can be risky if you do not fully understand what constitutes a good rate in terms coverage and deductibles, so consider working with an agent if you are not comfortable with the process.

Finding the Right Company

Larger insurance companies can spend more on marketing, so you may be drawn to them first. It is important to do your research before purchasing a policy, and base it off of your needs, not the company’s campaign.


Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) began with a focus on military personnel and government employees. Currently, they have over 10 million policies and 16 million insured vehicles. If you are interested in purchasing a policy from GEICO, their website allows you to request free price quotes at no obligation on any vehicle you choose. Simply enter your customer contact information, the make, model and year of the car, how the vehicle is primarily used, the estimated mileage you travel each year and whether you own, lease or finance the vehicle. Once you enter vehicle information, safety features that your car has will automatically pop up, indicating that you may be entitled to a discount.

You will then need to answer a few questions regarding driver information for all drivers in your household, such as driver history and whether you have had any accidents, traffic tickets, thefts or vandalisms in the last five years or any DUIs in the last 10 years. If the answer is no, you are entitled to another discount. GEICO requires current insurance information, if applicable, and asks for the bodily injury limit coverage amount.

After you complete your household information, GEICO’s online quote process designates a specific section to ask you about discounts you can receive for things such as safe driving, having safety features on your car or association with certain organizations. Once you have answered these questions, GEICO will provide a policy and comparison quotes for you to choose from and purchase.


Allstate, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, sells more than 13 major types of insurance. Similar to GEICO, they offer customers the opportunity to purchase a policy online. First, enter your ZIP code and the type of insurance you want. You must then fill out a “Driver’s Profile” for each individual driver and enter your household information such as whether you own or rent your home.

Allstate then asks you for your employment status and occupation, as well as the make, model and year of your vehicle. The website will provide you with quotes to compare and will finally give you the option to purchase a policy. You can have an electronic copy of your policy emailed directly to your inbox.


Before you even begin to request a quote from Progressive’s website, they ask you if you would like to bundle car insurance with another insurance policy such as homeowners or renters insurance for even bigger savings. You must enter your name, address and date of birth before you can begin to add vehicles to your quote. Start by selecting the type, year, make and model of your car. Then enter the body type, what the car is primarily used for, business or personal, how many miles you drive to work or school one way, your estimated annual mileage, the ZIP code where the car is kept, whether you own or lease the vehicle and whether or not it is equipped with a tracking device.

The next page asks you to provide details about yourself and your license including your employment status and occupation, the highest level of education you have completed, your age at the time of your first driver’s license issuance, if the license has been suspended, your primary residence and your marital status. Progressive will also ask if you have had any DWIs in the last 10 years, accidents that were your fault in the last 5 years, or any not-at-fault accidents, claims or violations in the last three years.

Finally, note last minute details such as if you already have a different policy with Progressive, if your family is currently covered by health insurance and your previous car insurance history. After all the information is completed, Progressive will give you a quote in a matter of seconds.

Monthly Auto Insurance – Is That an Option?

If you are currently in a financial struggle and have difficulty paying the full amount of your premiums up-front, perhaps you are wondering if you are able to choose a monthly payment plan instead. While this is a possibility, the downside is that it does require more research and effort to find such a policy and you are more likely to pay a higher rate for the convenience of flexible options.

Because car insurance is required for almost every driver, most insurance companies must do anything they can to make sure that car insurance is available to whoever needs it. This includes offering flexible payment options that are within the budgets of their customers. However, just like with any product, some companies excel more in terms of providing affordable monthly car insurance plans than others.

Why Don’t Companies Charge Equally?

Because car insurance companies are not required to offer a particular monthly plan at a certain cost, companies consider a number of factors when they offer these options to their customers. The main reason is why the driver requires a monthly payment instead of a traditional premium plan.

Statistics show that drivers who have a lower credit score are more likely to have accidents or traffic violations. Therefore, most people assume that those who are of lower class are the ones who are in need of a monthly payment plan, and thus pose a larger risk to the insurance company. On the other hand, drivers who pay the full amount of their premiums up-front are thought of as being higher on the economic scale and less of a risk, allowing them to get the best rates offered.

A car insurance company must consider what happens when they accept a monthly payment plan. Monthly payments means the company has less money to invest in the form of protection against a potential claim by the driver. Because the car insurance company is at a higher risk of losing money, that higher risk takes the form of higher payments for the customer.

An increase of payments also means that the insurance company must acquire more staff for their accounts receivable department, as well as more collection services to process and administer the more frequent monthly payments. The cost of labor and wages is transferred to the consumer.

Are There Insurance Companies Who Specialize in Monthly Plans?

Most car insurance companies in major cities specialize in or offer monthly plans. These companies are generally smaller agencies instead of underwriters who make their profit by selling policies for larger insurance companies.

Smaller insurance companies typically specialize in drivers who are at a higher risk for accidents, which makes obtaining a monthly plan almost inevitable. However, rates for these payment plans can be much higher than a traditional policy.
On the other hand, these companies do not require a large down payment except in rare situations. If you can scrape $100 together, you should be able to insure your car.

Larger companies such as State Farm, Progressive and The General offer monthly plans to their customers, with rates varying depending on the driver and the vehicle:

State Farm offers a payment plan that divides your insurance premium into monthly payments on one bill. For “recurring monthly” plans, State Farm automatically withdraws your monthly premium from a registered bank account, eliminating the need for postage and check writing, as well as avoiding the risk of mail delay.

Progressive has six-month policies which allow customers to either pay the entire premium in advance, or split the payment in semi-equal payments across six months. Depending on the state you are in, Progressive may make the driver prepay a couple cents more on the first installment, with four equal installments followed by the last installment, which is usually a few cents less. They may also require you to sign up for automatic withdrawals if you would like the monthly payment option.

While The General offers six- and 12-month plans, customers do receive a discount if they pay the premium in full. The company prides itself on its flexibility regarding their payment plan offers, and allows the customer to choose a monthly payment plan after a down payment is made.

What Monthly Payment Plans are Best?

Much like any product, depending on the type and the level of service, there will always be companies that some deem better than others. It is up to the customer to know what he is looking for in a policy and determine what would make a beneficial payment plan for his circumstances and budget. It is best to think of monthly car insurance payments as a temporary solution because the sooner you solve your financial issues, the sooner you can receive lower premiums and discounts once you are able to pay your premium in full and up-front.

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Today

The cost of auto insurance is something that concerns almost all drivers. As the years go by, the price of replacing and repairing vehicles seems to increase, placing a premium on quality affordable auto coverage. If you are concerned about your rates and are looking for ways to save, there are some simple things you can do today to get more for your auto insurance premium dollar.

Shop Around and Compare Insurers

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand the potential savings that can be had simply by shopping around among multiple carriers. According to J.D. Power, this is actually the single most effective way to save on auto insurance. Many major auto insurance online providers such as Esurance advise their customers to shop around and make it easy for them to do it.

These days, there is no excuse not to shop around and compare auto insurance costs and coverage. Take a look at a good number of companies and see how much money you might save. For many of us, the tendency through the years has been to stay with one company for fear of losing out on loyalty discounts, for example.

But many insurers today will actually credit their customers for time spent with their previous company and match those discounts, anyway, so it is always a good idea to look around.

Increase Deductibles (with Caution)

When you take the time to compare prices from several auto insurance companies, it is also a good idea to think about looking at the potential impact of adjusting coverage. One simple example is to increase deductibles, which in simple terms are just the out of pocket cost insured drivers have to pay in the event of an accident or other claim. Increasing the deductible on a policy will help lower prices, especially in full coverage plans.

But any increase in deductible should be done with caution. Nationwide recommends that customers set any net savings aside when they make this type of coverage decision, so they have the cash available in the event of a claim to cover their costs. Nationwide also offers a Vanishing Deductible that has more to do with good driving than cut-rate coverage. Under the terms of this program, drivers can save $100 off their deductible for every year of safe driving.

Save More by Driving Safely

In fact, safe driving is a common thread throughout many of the best and most effective practices for saving on auto insurance. It’s true that you can’t go out today and instantly create a long history of safe driving, but it is still something to work toward as a driver, and having financial incentive to do so makes it all the more appealing.

Many companies help safe driving a more attractive goal to reach toward by offering direct incentives on their policies. Met Life Auto & Home, for example, provides its drivers with safe driver credits that help them rack up rewards for avoiding tickets, accidents and claims.

There are also plenty of companies featuring discounts for defensive driving courses. In some cases taking a course like this and completing it successfully can even wipe a previous accident off your insurance record, helping you instantly save on your auto insurance.

First Accident Forgiveness

Of course, there’s no question that regardless of how safely we try to operate our automobiles, the risk will always be there for an accident to occur. That’s why some companies have devised a method called accident forgiveness (or first accident forgiveness) to extend an olive branch to those who have an at-fault claim on their record following a good run of safety over an extended stretch of time.

GEICO, for example, features first accident forgiveness for drivers who have completed five years of demonstrated safe driving as continuously insured loyal customers. In some ways the best chances to save depend on a combination of things, such as safety and loyalty.

Take Advantage of Discounts

These are just a few of the discounts that are available for drivers these days. Many companies offer a tremendous range of discounts. Allstate, for instance, offers over a dozen discounts for its policyholders. Take a look at all the ways you can save and be sure to claim all the savings you have coming when you purchase a policy, and save big today!

Vern Fonk Car Insurance – Will You Save Money?

Most drivers in Washington and Oregon need to do everything they can to control the expense of owning and operating an automobile. The one area that we actually have the most control over is in the money we spend on auto insurance. Insured drivers can save more money when they deal with a company that works on their behalf to locate the right policy from the right carrier based on their unique circumstances.

Second Generation Auto Insurance Provider

Vern Fonk Car Insurance is just such a company, a second generation family owned business serving customers since 1952 and built with the goal of helping every customer find the right fit in quality affordable auto coverage. The reality is that not every car insurance carrier can provide cheap coverage for every driver.

Some companies do a better job helping so-called preferred motorists, drivers with no points or claims on their record; while others specialize in helping what the industry calls “high risk drivers,” those who have multiple accidents, moving violations, and/or claims on their record.

The best way to save money on auto insurance is to gain access to a wide range of quality insurers that can help drivers in any scenario. Vern Fonk is licensed with over 20 companies and can write policies for drivers with DUIs, reckless driving offenses, and even those whose licenses have been suspended. Saving money is a goal virtually all motorists have in common when it comes to their vehicle insurance, especially those of us whose insurance profile makes it tough to find decent rates.

Credit Scores and Car Insurance

It is a well-known fact that most insurers heavily factor your credit score into the auto insurance underwriting process, meaning that if your scores are low, you are likely to pay a high premium even if you are a safe driver. But there is something that many people don’t realize: insurers are under no obligation to take credit scores into account. In fact, some companies don’t look at credit at all.

Drivers who have been paying too much for their car insurance simply because of a few marks on their credit can get the relief they need by working with Vern Fonk Car Insurance. We partner with nine providers that do not discriminate against drivers based on credit issues. That means if you have a good driving record but bad credit, you can save a lot of money on your next policy.

Obtaining SR22 Forms

Of course, not all motorists have a pristine driving record. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and sometimes these mistakes result in a very complicated auto insurance picture. SR22 forms are a headache for drivers to deal with, but they’re necessary when required by the state for high risk drivers.

An SR22 in simple terms is just a form that proves you are insured. It can be required in cases where drivers receive a citation for DUI, but there are multiple other scenarios that can also lead to the need for this filing, such as:

– Reckless driving or other serious moving violations
– Habitual driving offenses or too many highway points
– At-fault accidents while uninsured
– Unsatisfied court judgments

Generally, SR22 forms are required for three years, although this can vary from state to state. Most drivers are unaware that their insurers actually complete this filing on their behalf, and that an SR22 in many cases won’t cost that much—normally a one-time fee covering the entire policy period. High risk drivers are encouraged to explore multiple carriers and see what they can do to obtain the policies they need to comply with legal requirements and save money doing so.

Auto Insurance for Every Driver

Saving money on auto insurance might seem like a real challenge especially for those who have spotty driving records. But with many specialty insurers available, we can help you get into a policy that provides the protection you need at a price you can afford. Vern Fonk Car Insurance has the experience and the industry connections to help drivers that have run into all sorts of issues complicating their search for affordable coverage, including:

– DUI and DWI
– Driving while suspended
– Driving without insurance
– Bankruptcy
– Policies for those without a car

These days, it is essential for drivers to make the most of every opportunity to find value in their auto policies. Those who have a perfect driving record as well as those considered high risk can all benefit from approaching this search intelligently and taking advantage of the competitive market to get the best deal. No matter what your situation might be, you owe it to yourself to get some free quotes and see how much money you can save today.

High Safety Ratings on Your Car? You Might Get a Better Car Insurance Quote

There are many ways you can get safety discounts on your car insurance: you can drive the safest car, live in a neighborhood with almost no crime, and drive more carefully than any driver in your state. These credentials, however, are often more difficult to realize than they are worth. Another, more reasonable, method of lowering your insurance rate is to ensure your car has the best safety features available.

Vehicle Safety Equipment

Various types of safety features are available, whether they come standard with the car at the time of purchase or you upgrade your vehicle later. Here are some of the most commonly installed pieces of safety equipment on the market today:


You can now install airbags all around your vehicle to protect you from every direction. Some are even designed to sense each occupant’s weight, size, and bodily position within the vehicle.

Anti-lock Brakes Did you know most insurance companies will give you a generous discount on your car insurance rate if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock brake system? Almost all of these systems are factory-installed considered standard equipment.

Daytime Running Lights 

Are these lights necessary? Studies show your running lights increase safety not only by helping you see farther down the road, but also by making it easier for oncoming traffic and pedestrians to see your vehicle.

Anti-theft and Car Recovery Systems

Even if you don’t have the fanciest anti-theft technology, any type system, including a steering wheel bar, shouts safety to a potential insurance company. Stolen recovery vehicle systems help law enforcement personnel locate your vehicle if it has been stolen, while window sketching helps deter thieves and prevents them from altering your vehicle’s identification number.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

These systems are standard in cars manufactured in 2008 and later. By making sure your tires remain at the proper pressure, not only will you have a smoother ride, you’ll have a safer trip.

Cameras, Detectors, and Warning Systems

Although some come factory installed in newer cars, insurance companies look favorably on these additions. Rearview cameras limit accidents by showing you what you might not see in your side view and rearview mirrors, while a blind-spot detection system alerts you when there is an object in your blind spot. The lane-departure warning system has a wider range than the blind-spot detection system, and it tells you when it‘s safe to change lanes based on your speed and the distance of vehicles behind you.

Talk with Your Agent or Company

Different types of coverage can offer discounts based on different safety features. For example, anti-theft systems can lower comprehensive coverage, while airbags might help the policyholder save on medical payments and personal injury claims. If you discuss discounts with your insurance company, and your agent or representative hasn’t asked you about a certain feature, don’t assume a discount isn’t offered. Some features may be missed, so remember to mention all that are pertinent to your vehicle.

Kemper Car Insurance Review

Since its founding in 1926, Kemper Car Insurance has maintained an exceptionally high quality of customer service, reliability and integrity. Even though Unitrin bought the company in 2002, Kemper was able to keep its name and still upholds the same values as it did when it first started.

Variety of Products

Similar to other auto insurance companies, Kemper Car Insurance provides both full and liability coverage to its customers. If a policyholder would rather purchase an umbrella policy than buy separate home, personal, medical, life and car insurance, Kemper offers this option as well.

However, if a customer believes that policy flexibility and car insurance coverage tailored specifically to fit individual needs are important, Kemper Car Insurance may not be best insurance company.

People who come to the United States from other countries often have difficulty finding insurance policies if the American driver’s license is not held for a certain period of time. If an insurance company does issue a policy under these conditions, the rate is typically astronomical and unaffordable. Kemper, however, helps insure those who may not have other options.

Numerous Discount Programs

Kemper Car Insurance takes pride in their ability to provide the most competitive rates to their policyholders. Discounts are available by the dozen, including rate reductions for multiple cars, successfully completing a driver training class, maintaining a safe driving record, and even for college students who continually achieve high academic grades. If security and safety devices are either factory-installed or self-installed in the vehicle such as anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, automatic seatbelts, alarms or airbags, customers can also expect to receive a generous discount on their policies.

Exceptional Customer Service

Kemper Car Insurance strives to provide its customers with the highest level of customer service around. One of the few companies that still maintains this drive for customer satisfaction, Kemper enlists agents 24 hours a day to answer questions from both potential and current policyholders. These efficient and knowledgeable agents are also available to process car insurance claims at any time.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, Kemper was one of the first and few insurance companies to respond immediately—a true testament to the efficiency and dedication of this company.

Kemper has invested time and money into developing and using various online technologies to assist in quick and efficient processing of claims and payments, reviewing of policies and accounts, and tracking claims. Not only does this technology ensure that Kemper stays organized, but it is also faster and more convenient for their customers. Along with adopting a new online system, Kemper has also increased its efforts to become a greener company, allowing policyholders to opt for paperless billing. With the customer’s consent, Kemper will withdraw each payment on the same day every month so the customer needn’t worry about forgetting to mail the payment.

Stable and Strong

A.M. Best Company, reviewer of financial strength ratings and data products, consistently rates Kemper Car Insurance with a A-rating, reinforcing the company’s dependability and stability. While Kemper has a sturdy financial background, some consumers are weary concerning the company’s tendency to be acquired easily from bigger businesses.

They worry that Kemper will one day be under control of an irresponsible and unreliable insurance company. Changes in management, discounts, policy coverage and, most importantly, rates, are valid reasons for customers to be concerned. Regardless, Kemper still investigates and processes claims quickly and on time—a feat that has evaded some other insurance companies.

Although Kemper is a well-recognized and well-rated insurance company, it is still imperative to compare its services and policies with other companies before a final decision is made.

Auto Insurance for Construction Companies

Construction companies have very specific needs when it comes to their auto insurance policies. From compact pickup trucks all the way on up to stake trucks and cube vans, construction-based businesses rely on their vehicles as much as they do their tools and equipment to help them get the job done and serve their customers. Protecting their financial investment in these vehicles is crucial to landscapers, carpenters, roofers, and other construction companies.

Importance of Commercial Auto Coverage

Every construction company is different. Some are sole proprietorships owned and operated by a single person; others are large corporations with dozens of employees; and many others fall somewhere in between. But regardless of their structure or size, construction businesses need commercial vehicle insurance to protect them.

This fact is especially important for sole proprietors operating under a DBA. Owner/operators working under this arrangement often assume incorrectly that because their pickup trucks or other vehicles are titled in their name rather than a business name, they can get by with a private passenger car insurance policy in order to save on their operating expenses.

But private passenger insurance is insufficient to protect anyone who uses their vehicle for work. This includes transporting materials to the job and even driving to customers’ homes for estimates as well as transporting workers. In the event of an accident or other claim, if an insurance provider determines that a vehicle covered under a private passenger policy was in use by a construction company for business purposes, it is likely that claim will be denied and all coverage voided.

Protecting Business Vehicles from Risk

Construction businesses typically spend a lot of money on their vehicles, including the investment they make in equipment that those vehicles carry to the job. For instance, a gutter installation company might outfit a cube van with a gutter machine, ladders, and assorted hand and power tools, as well as the materials needed to complete the work. All this equipment needs to be protected against loss from auto accidents, theft, and other potential claims. The only way to protect a vehicle and its contents in this situation is with commercial auto insurance, regardless of title ownership.

Construction companies use all sorts of automobiles in their daily operations. Some pull multi-axle trailers with medium-duty pickups, for instance, to transport all their tools, equipment, and materials to the job. The insurance impact of this type of usage is as follows: rather than just needing to insure a pickup truck, the company also needs a policy that covers the trailer as well as all contents. Commercial insurance for construction companies may cost a bit more in terms of the premium, but this type of plan also provides much more extensive coverage for company assets, and also protects companies more effectively from liability concerns.

Liability Protection in Commercial Policies

A typical liability claim on a business automobile insurance policy will result in a much higher payout than the average claim on a private passenger policy. Think about the cargo these vehicles pull, how much they weigh, and the potential damage they could do to other cars and to property. It is easy to see the need for enhanced liability protection for any construction-based business. And this is exactly why commercial policies include much higher liability limits.

For self-employed sole proprietors especially, it can be tough to make the decision to opt for commercial coverage, especially for those who only use one single pickup or van. But the liability risk of owning and operating these vehicles alone is reason enough to invest in a quality policy that protects the company and its assets. On top of the physical risk represented by equipment and materials that can create more severe accident damage, there is also the inherent risk of a company being sued for pain and suffering, work loss, and medical expenses. A quality commercial policy is a must.

Choosing Reliable Vehicle Insurance

The good news is that there are plenty of highly rated commercial carriers in the market today. Construction companies are wise to examine a number of options and take a look at what each provider has to offer in terms of cost and coverage. Obtaining affordable business automobile insurance is relatively simple thanks to the continued emergence of the online market.

It is sensible to use the virtual market to compare prices and coverages from several leading insurers. Progressive, for example, offers commercial policies featuring broad driver acceptability, allowing new and experienced drivers alike to be insured; and non-owned coverage for company use of employee or rented vehicles. And GEICO provides a combined single limit (CSL) option that replaces separate limits for bodily injury and property injury liability claims. Shop around and compare rates from top providers and save on your company policy.

Toyota Corolla Car Insurance – Shop Around for Great Rates

Finding the best Toyota Corolla car insurance can seem like a daunting task. Thanks to the internet it’s a lot easier to find today than it has ever been before. This article is going to show you what to consider and what to look for when shopping for car insurance online.

The Benefits of Owning a Toyota Corolla

The Corolla has outdone the Camry in terms of safety ratings which makes it looked at as one of the safest cars on the market. It’s also one of the most affordable sedans in the industry which assures insurance companies that replacing parts or the car won’t be as expensive as other vehicle of its type. However, the most remarkable thing about this particular model is that it has a 4 cylinder engine making it the only car of its type to use this engine.

These three things alone provide Toyota Corolla owners with the opportunity to pay a lot less on their car insurance premiums than those who own other types of vehicles.

Keep in Mind That Toyota Corollas Are One of the Most Stolen Vehicles

It’s been proven that this particular car is stolen more than others. This is why you should think about whether or not you want to have full coverage insurance that will cover your losses if your Corolla ever does get stolen. If the cost of buying a new car in the event of a theft isn’t important to you then this may not be something that you need to opt for.

Know What Coverage You Need

Think about what you want your car insurance to cover. While laws do require a minimum amount of coverage this doesn’t mean that it’s enough to compensate you efficiently. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to determine what kind of Toyota Corolla car insurance you need.

– Do I want the repairs covered when the accident is my fault?
– Do I want to only compensate the other parties in an accident that I cause?
– Do I want my car covered in the case of a theft?

While there are many other factors these are the ones that matter the most. It helps you determine whether you want full coverage or liability. It also ensures that you opt for theft insurance if that’s something that you’ve decided to be a car insurance necessity.

Understand What You’re Getting Into

Before you finalize the paperwork on any car insurance policy you need to understand what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. There are many policies that will slip in certain things that aren’t covered in an effort to help the insurance company make more money off of those that they insure. By following this simple step you’ll be protecting your best interests by being completely educated about your new insurance policy.

Check into the Reputation of Your Prospective Insurance Company

This is one of the most important things that you can do when you’re looking into getting insurance on your Toyota Corolla. You want to be sure that the insurance company you choose is going to be there for years to come, not one that’s going to end up going bankrupt. After all, you don’t want them to be unable to fulfill their obligations when you file an insurance claim.

Compare Insurance Quotes Online

The internet has made the world a better place for many consumers. It shows them all of their options available and the best prices on certain things. There are many great car insurance comparison websites out there that provide you with the opportunity to compare the rates of many insurance providers.

It’s as simple as entering in the required information and receiving a quote. Write down each quote and provider so that you have a reference to look at when it comes time to compare your options. Once you have your options documented you’ll be able to see who provides the best coverage and the best rates.

As you can see, finding the best Toyota Corolla car insurance is a lot easier these days thanks to the invention of the World Wide Web. Now use it to your advantage and find the policy that suits your needs at the best price!

Teen Drivers Cost Double

So, you’ve got all your ducks in a row, including low premiums and low monthly payments on your car insurance. You’ve worked super hard to get the best car insurance rates to cover all the adults in the family. You maintain an impeccable driving record, so you can keep some money for bingo night. Furthermore, you feel that you have things covered, because you got a good deal on the best full collision, accident or liability coverage policy in your city.

You’ve heard horror stories of sky rocketing car insurance rates from your friends that needed to add their teenager to a policy. However, you thought to yourself, “Maybe they’re exaggerating, or maybe they didn’t do enough comparison shopping to find the best rate for teen car insurance coverage.” Will you have to face the same wild expense just so your teen can be on the road? Will you have to forgo a few bingo nights to afford the best rate for your teen driver?

Hold Your Horses! A Driving Teen Means More Green

Your fears are warranted when it comes to finding affordable car insurance rates for your teen.

Your teenager is about to be of driving age, and everyday she’s been asking you about driving. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re wondering just how much it’s going to cost you to cover her. Do teen drivers really cost double? Although you heard it, you’re still hoping you’ll only pay a 10% or 20% adjustment in your monthly car insurance payments.

Conservatively speaking, you really could see an increase of 58% to more than a 60% increase in your normal car insurance coverage by adding your teen. However, this percentage monster also depends on if you are in a lucky part of the country. Do you live in Scottsdale, Hartford or Culver City? These are just a few places that are seeing family insurance rates increase between 94% and 232%! Yes, these rates are unbelievable!

Why are the car insurance rates for teen coverage so much more expensive? Teen drivers present one of the highest driving risks, because of their lack of experience and judgment. Teens have far more accidents and tickets on their driving record than any other category of drivers. Specifically, your teen is almost four times more likely to get into an accident or collision than any other driving class, according to statistical data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Still Hoping for a Lower Rate? Then Execute a Plan

Besides the nightmarish possibility of your teen getting into an accident, looking at all the factors that cause insurance premiums to go up can be overwhelming. Is there anything you can do to get a reasonable or affordable car insurance rate to cover your teen with full comprehensive coverage? Can you still find an affordable rate to cover hospital or therapy in the event that your teen will need it? How can you lower premiums cost when it comes to uninsured motorists? Where do you draw the line in coverage cost?

Your first step to saving money on car insurance to cover your teen driver is to jump online and do some comparative shopping. Using the phone can sometimes be a drag and time waster when trying to find the best rate in car insurance. However, plenty of sites offer rate information on insurance companies that cover your area.

You can even find insurance companies that specialize in the hard-to-cover teen drivers that have already gotten a ticket or accident on their driving record. Conveniently, you can get information on the cost of teen car insurance coverage based on age, type of car, and even good grade discounts. Furthermore, it will only take you a few minutes to pull up several companies to compare their rates.

Next, encourage your teen to get good grades. Insurance companies see this as a sign that your teen is responsible in one area, and therefore will be a responsible driver. Discounted car insurance for teens with good grades can be as much as 10% to 15%. Additionally, you can always threaten to take away the car, if they don’t get good grades, before your six-month car insurance payment is due.

Driving Monitor

Do you already know that your teen drives responsibly? Then, ask your insurance company if they provide a discount for the installation of a driving monitor. Driving monitors are electronic systems that let you see how your teen is driving by recording driving data and sometimes even providing a video feed for parents to observe. Knowing Mom and Dad are always looking makes teens drive more carefully and take fewer risks. Teens only break the rules when they think they won’t get caught. Driving monitors take away the temptation to misbehave.

Ask your current insurance provider if they have a teen driver safety class that comes with a discount. Also, one of the best ways to save on teenage car insurance costs is to shop for the car that will give you the best rate. Therefore, you may need to hold off on purchasing a vehicle until you find out how much it will cost you in insurance. Keep in mind that a cheap car may not always be the best choice for safety. Car insurance companies may see a cheap car as an additional risk, due to the likelihood of total collision of the vehicle in an accident.

Choose Car Insurance Based on What Matters to You Most

Every family situation is unique in terms of life events and circumstances. Perhaps your family is young and in the early stages of formation. Maybe you just got married and haven’t had any children yet. If you do have kids, and they happen to be teenagers, you are definitely familiar with the travails and rites of passage they go through.

Getting car insurance is one of those rites of passage. No matter what stage of life you are currently in, car insurance is probably a part of it. Choosing car insurance is not a simple matter; the number of options has expanded greatly.

You have to choose a policy and the features you want from it. Not only that, you want a company that is there for you in your time of need. It must offer good customer service for claims and be financially stable so it has the money to pay those claims.

The ideal is to choose it based on what matters to you the most. You have to carefully look at your life circumstances and decide which car insurance policy is warranted given them. Without the right policy, you could face paying for any damages that result from unfortunate events. The factors you have to consider include cost, coverage, service and financial stability. All four come together to create the right policy for you.


Price has become more prohibitive in the last few years, thanks to the financial collapse of 2008. Rising commodity prices have put pressure on consumers’ wallets as they are struggling to make ends meet in a dismal job market. The cost of any car insurance policy is definitely an important factor to consider in trying economic times. You can avoid spending more money than you need if you shop around before purchasing a policy. The total cost of the premiums and any deductibles will vary depending on your coverage amount.

Your state’s insurance department mandates specific minimum coverage amounts for various types of damages. Check the website of your state insurance department to find out your minimum coverage requirements. You can use them to figure more realistic estimates based on your situation. Insurance specialists usually recommend that you purchase enough coverage to cover your assets. Attorneys for the other party in a car accident can go after your assets if the other party’s damages exceed your coverage amount.

A good coverage plan is 50/100/25. That is $50,000 bodily injury liability, $100,000 for all people injured in an accident and $25,000 property damage liability. This should cover you pretty well in all cases, although you can lower the amounts if you have little or no assets. Aside from coverage amounts, another element going into cost calculations is your driving record. Do you have any points assessed against you? If your state uses the point system, your premiums could be higher. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for your driving record to find out.


All insurance companies have special features and offers that can sweeten a deal. Whether they are relevant to you depends on your particular considerations. Every company offers standard coverage types such as bodily injury and property damage. Other types of coverage include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Your state insurance department has minimum coverage amounts specified for each of these categories. Major big-name car insurance companies like Progressive, Allstate and Nationwide have special deals of their own detailed below.

Progressive: Name Your Own Price – Progressive allows you to tell them what monthly price you want to pay. They offer the policy closest in price to the price you specified, and then you can further customize it to meet your needs. After you’ve customized it, you can either purchase the policy or tweak it a little more to fit your needs. This approach puts customization to work for you, making your policy more affordable.

Allstate: Your Choice Auto – Allstate offers a variety of rewards programs that make the policy easier for you. Under their accident forgiveness provision, the company will help keep your premiums low even if you are in an at-fault accident. You can earn a Safe Driving Bonus of up to 5 percent of the premium for every six months of accident-free driving. Allstate also offers $100 off your collision deductible when you sign up. $100 more will come off every year without an accident, up to $500 total. Allstate will give you a new car if yours is totaled within three model years.

Nationwide: Vanishing Deductible – Similar to Allstate’s benefit, Nationwide will take $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving with no accidents. The precise rules will vary based upon what state you live in. The maximum amount is set at $500.


Not all insurance companies are equal. You have to discriminate between each one by discovering which one has the highest qualifications. A good place to start is your state insurance department. Check the company’s complaint ratio, which tells you how many complaints the company received for every 1,000 claims filed. Also take time to check the company’s rating from J.D. Power and Associates, a well-known consumer research firm.

Financial Stability

Finally, check the company’s financial ratings. Ratings agencies like A. M. Best will tell you if the company has enough funds on hand to pay all the claims it expects. Choose only a company with a BBB or B+ rating and higher. Only financially secure companies can pay guarantee that covered claims are paid.