Auto Insurance Rates For Dentists

Shopping for the best car insurance rates is a daily chore for the average driver. Most people are looking for the best rates from an economical standpoint, while others are more interested in benefits that fit their driving habits. In the quest for finding the best auto insurance rate, one question is always prevalently asked by the agent; that is, “What is your occupation?”

Independent research has been conducted with the use of this information to adjust the auto insurance rates of those in certain occupations. Dentists are one of those occupations where rates are set slightly higher than that of other occupations due to their higher income bracket. Dentists, as well as doctors are prone to driving more extravagant vehicles, such as luxury cars, SUVs and sports cars. For these reasons the insurance industry sets an increased rate.

Along with these increased rates are a host of car insurance companies that offer not only the best rates for dentists, but the greatest benefits for the money. These companies are considered giants in the industry and are often seen in advertisements. Below are the top four auto insurance companies that offer some of the best rates, impressive features and quality customer service for dentists:

1. The 21st Century Car Insurance Company

The 21st Century Car Insurance Company is affiliated with several underwriting auto insurance companies in a variety of states throughout the country. One of their main affiliations is with AIG, known as the “insurance giant.” Even though 21st Century Car Insurance is nationally available, some states offer purchase of a policy only online.

When an auto insurance policy is purchased through 21st Century Car insurance, as a dentist you will enjoy the benefit of emergency travel, medical assistance and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. You will appreciate the fact that the 21st Century prices are quite comparable to some of the other discounted auto insurance policies. In order to get quotes, their website is user-friendly and suggests the appropriate coverage for your vehicle.

It is evident that every person’s insurance need is different and some will require a higher level of service than others. It is recommended that prior to choosing any auto insurance company focus should be placed on the details of the policy, rather than on the rate. It is wise to be sure that your policy covers all that you’ve intended it to cover.

2. AAA Car Insurance Company

The AAA Car Insurance Company exhibits a hefty presence in the U.S. This is due to the familiarity with its roadside service plans. AAA auto companies are found throughout the country by geographic region.

The AAA Car Insurance Company is proud to offer benefits to dentists that allow for a 12-month policy, while other auto insurance companies offer 6-month policies. You are privileged to enjoy a 5% savings for paying your policy in full, with other flexible payment options.

Upgrades can also be purchased with your AAA auto insurance policy that allows you to have a rental car for the duration of repairing your vehicle after an accident. The usual limit on the use of a rental car after an accident is about 30 days.

An exclusive upgrade allows for replacement of your vehicle should damages be considered a total loss during your first year of coverage. When you purchase the optional gap coverage, AAA will issue a check to your financing company for your loan balance if you owe more than your car is worth.

3. The ACE Car Insurance Company

This Zurich, Switzerland based auto insurance company specializes in high-risk commercial insurance. Upon request, ACE offers several beneficial discounts for dentists. When you insure more than one vehicle you can take advantage of multiple vehicle discounts. A safety discount is applied if your car has features like, anti-lock brakes, airbags or automatic seat belts. A great discount is offered if you insure your home and cars on the same policy. More money can be saved if your car is equipped with an alarm or any other anti-theft device.

An extra coverage option offered by ACE includes medical payments coverage. In case you or your passengers are injured or killed in an accident that occurred in your car, this coverage will pay both the medical and funeral expenses even if you’re found at-fault. This coverage is also significant if an accident occurs when you are in someone else’s vehicle or if you are hit while walking.

4. The AIS Car Insurance Company

As a key player in the Northeastern auto insurance market, AIS Car Insurance Company issues policies to individuals and businesses in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey areas. An AIS Standard California auto insurance policy is filled with several impressive features for dentists:

-Liability for bodily injury

-Liability for property damage

-Payments for medical expenses

-Coverage for uninsured motorists

-Coverage for collision

-Coverage for physical damage

-Customer Service of the AIS Quality

Your AIS car insurance policy can be adjusted online by submission of the proper forms. Claims reporting and payments may also be addressed online and you can speak to a real customer service rep every day of the week, if necessary. AIS allows access to a representative by message request and other useful information regarding insurance is available on the AIS blog.

In addition, AIS offers mechanical breakdown coverage that gets your vehicle repaired during a mechanical malfunction. Roadside assistance coverage is available and crucial, especially for those nighttime mishaps. The Mexico Vehicle coverage allows for by-the-day policies for lengthy trips.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Discounts and Driving Programs

Auto insurance is not cheap, but it is necessary. Fortunately, there are many ways to lower your monthly premiums. If you are considering Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, here are some of the discounts you can take advantage of and the driving programs you might enjoy.

Multi-Policy Discount

Liberty Mutual offers more than just auto insurance. The company also offers home owners insurance and even life insurance. Decide to use Liberty Mutual as your provider for two or more of these coverages and you can enjoy a 10% discount on both policies.

Good Student Discount

Good students who study and work hard in school to get high grades are considered to be more responsible and reliable. Liberty Mutual rewards them for their excellent study habits by offering a discount to any teen driver who has a “B” average or higher on their report cards.

Group Savings

The Affinity program has more than 14,000 employers, groups, alumni associations and credit unions that are members. If you are involved with any of these 14,000 different groups, you can qualify for another discount as a result of the group savings.

Multiple Cars

Driving more than one car and insuring all of them with Liberty Mutual can also help you save on the premium with another discount.

Low Mileage

Drivers who work close to home and don’t drive the car more than 7,500 miles in a year can enjoy a discount because they are not on the road as much.

Anti-theft Devices

Insurance companies like to know the car won’t be stolen, so anti-theft devices such as passive disabling devices and alarms will also help drop the premium level.

Anti-Lock Brakes

When these brakes are on all four wheels of the car, the owner can expect to receive a nice discount on insurance premiums.

Passive Restraint

If your car has motorized seat belts that automatically protect you, you will qualify for a discount. Multiple air bags located throughout the car will also help you save money on the monthly cost.

Better Car Replacement

Most insurance companies are very straightforward in the way they handle total-loss cars. The owner will be paid for the book value of the car, based on year, make, model, features and mileage. Liberty Mutual, however, offers something special. They offer a program where you will be paid the value of a car that is actually one model year newer and has 15,000 fewer miles on it. This will allow drivers to replace their car that was a total-loss with one that is slightly newer and maybe a little nicer. This is optional coverage, however, so keep in mind that it should be purchased separately.

Accident Forgiveness

Accidents happen to everyone at some point. Unlike most other companies, Liberty Mutual won’t raise your rates after just one accident. If you have driven 5 years without an accident and more than 3 years without a violation, then you may qualify for this program. The program is not available in California or North Carolina.

Unlimited Rental

This additional coverage option will also keep you in a rental car for as long as your car is being repaired by a Liberty-approved repair facility. This coverage should be purchased at the same time as your regular policy and there are some limitations to the amount that can be spent on a rental car.

New Car Replacement

Having a new car is a great feeling. Seeing it destroyed in an accident is devastating. If your new car that is less than one year old with less than 15,000 miles is a total loss after an accident, then you can get a vehicle that is brand new. Auto leases do not qualify for this program.

Guaranteed Repairs

Take your car to a Liberty Mutual Total Liberty Car shop and the repairs are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We guarantee that you will have scheduled appointments to have the car looked at and you will receive a written estimate.

You will also get a copy of Liberty Mutual’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on the repair work that was performed and the company will make direct payment to the shop for you. This program is not available in Alaska and is known as the Superior Service Program in Massachusetts

With our Mechanical Parts Replacement program, we also guarantee that the car parts will be covered and replaced without taking into account depreciation costs that can wind up costing you more money.

Available Glass Coverage

Windows in the car are incredibly expensive. Protect your glass from debris that kicks up off the road with Comprehensive or glass coverage to keep everything safe and new.

Liberty Mutual Insurance offers the full range of coverage. They provide drivers with the necessary liability covered required in so many states, as well as medical payments and even personal injury protection. Choose coverage for uninsured and under-insured motorists to protect yourself form other drivers.

Collision will keep your car covered in the event of any accident and comprehensive coverage is ideal for people who want to know they car will be repaired or replaces should it be vandalized or stolen.

Travelers vs. 21st Century Insurance – Get Informed

There are many options available when shopping for auto insurance. Most people worry about what they will be charged for premiums. However, there is more to any insurance company than the amount that you see on the bill every month. When choosing a company you want to know what they offer and if there are discounts you can take advantage of.

You also want to know how strong the company is, how likely they are to still be available to take care of you in the future. Here is what you need to know if you are considering either Traveler’s or 21st Century Auto Insurance companies.


It’s a good idea to bundle coverage with one insurer as this can provide you with a healthy discount. If you have multiple assets to protect, either company can take care of your needs. Traveler’s and 21st Century both offer insurance for all your assets from your automobile, motorcycle or yacht to your house, condo or rented property. They also offer coverage for weddings and other special events, floods, valuable items, umbrella insurance and identity fraud insurance.

Group Discounts

Both companies offer healthy discounts for being members of certain participating groups. If you are part of any association, credit union or a participating business, ask about the available discounts.

Coverage Levels

It is important to have several forms of protection when on the road. Traveler’s and 21st Century both offer coverage for bodily injury and property damage. You can purchase coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists, in case you are struck by someone who can’t cover the damage. Medical payments should be considered as the cost of treatment after an accident can be high. The companies also offer collision coverage in case your vehicle becomes damaged by sliding off the road or some other single-car accident. Finally, comprehensive insurance is necessary to protect your car against events such as vandalism, theft, fire or other damaging events.


Both companies offer a range of discounts to help you save money. Here is what you can expect from Traveler’s insurance in the way of discounts.

– Safe driver advantage – No accidents, violations or claims in the household
– Paid in full discount – Payment plans are available, but upfront payments will save you money.
– Multi-car advantage – Get a discount for owning more than one car
– Early quote advantage
– Multi-policy holders can enjoy up to 15% off
– Hybrid car drivers will get 10% off the premium for that vehicle
– Good student for A/B average
– Driver training for kids under 21
– Student away at school – The student must be under 25 and more than 100 miles away at their school to qualify for this discount.
– Home ownership
– New car – Drivers of brand new cars can take up to 10% off the premium for their collision coverage.
– Accident forgiveness
– IntelliDrive discounts – Designed for low-mileage drivers, people can enjoy between 5% and 20% off on their policy. This program does have limited availability based on the state of residence.

21st century is actually part of the Farmer’s group of insurance and offers a wide range of discounts, as well. Here are some ways you can save money with this company.

– Accident free and violation free for more than three years
– Anti-theft
– Defensive driver discount
– Driver’s education discount
– Good or non-drivers on the same policy can help lower rates
– Good student
– Group discount
– Mature discount for older drivers
– Multi-car discount
– Yearly accident/ violation free discount


It’s important to know where you auto insurance provider stands and what you can expect from them. The two companies have very similar ratings from JD Power. They are both given 2 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction. They both have 2 stars for their range of policy offerings.

In the area of price, they both receive 3 stars and they fall in the 2 star range where billing is concerned. The one area where they differ is in the ease of contacting a customer service agent. 21st Century is given 2 stars and Travelers is given a higher rating of 3 stars.

A.M. Best evaluates a company’s financial health and strength. They look at how solid the financial reports are and make a determination as to how likely it is that a company will still be around a few years from now. As of May, 2011 both companies have A.M. Best ratings of Excellent (A) and are considered stable.

The two companies are very similar. They both focus on low-risk drivers with reasonable driving histories. They are both solid companies that can take care of most of your insurance needs in addition to auto insurance. Finally, they both offer a wide range of discounts that can help you save money in the long run while keeping your car properly covered.

Lowering Your Insurance Rates Just by Being Loyal

Some insurance companies have figured out that keeping their existing customers happy is just as important as finding new customers. These insurers offer special discounts and savings opportunities to drivers who continue to sign on for new policies year after year. If you have a good driving record, you could qualify for even deeper discounts with your existing insurance company. Adding more vehicles or other types of insurance with the same company is another way to lower your overall insurance rates.

Discounts for Renewing with the Same Company

If you are happy with your current insurance company and plan to renew your policy with them at the end of the year, you should find out if they offer a discount for drivers who sign up for consecutive policies. In many cases, you will find that there is a standard savings applied for staying with a company for two or three years in a row. Remember, just because you are using the same company every year it doesn’t mean you have to have the same exact policy. Review your insurance needs annually and make sure your coverage matches the changes in your life so that you are always fully covered.

Save Money by Consolidating Insurance Needs

Another way insurance companies reward customer loyalty is by offering discounts for customers who sign up for more than one type of policy. Many car insurance companies also handle life insurance and home owner’s insurance. They generally have package deals that cut the cost of both types of insurance when you move all of your insurance needs to the same company. There is also a common discount for drivers who insure more than one household vehicle through the same company.

Earning Discounts for Periods without Claims

Driving for three years or more without filing a claim is a great way to earn additional discounts on your car insurance policy. In fact, some loyalty discount plans specify that the discounts only apply to drivers who have gone for a certain period of time without filing any claims. Keeping a clean driving record helps you save in many ways. Your overall insurance rates will be lower because of your safety record, and you should qualify for good driver and loyalty discounts through many of the most popular car insurance companies. Some insurance companies offer to lower your deductible without raising your rates for every year you go without filing a claim.

Getting Discounts You Deserve

Your car insurance agent may not openly offer these loyalty discounts to you when you renew your policy. As a car insurance customer, it is up to you to find out whether there are discounts you qualify for. Learning about loyalty discounts can be as simple as asking your agent to review your policy before you sign up for another year. You could also compare car insurance quotes online to see what discounts are available through different insurance companies. It is a good idea to always research your potential discounts instead of waiting for your insurance company to let you know when you qualify.

Schrader and Murphy Car Insurance Review

Auto insurance premiums are based largely on your personal driving record. The insurance companies reserve the right to refuse to provide you with insurance coverage.

If your insurance drops you because of multiple tickets, DUI’s or accidents you can be left wondering where to go. Schrader & Murphy Insurance is one of the companies that can keep you covered despite a terrible driving record.

Available Policies

Most insurance companies that are designed for people with less than desirable driving histories only offer auto insurance. Schrader & Murphy offers a range of insurance policies including the following:

– motorcycle
– recreational vehicle
– boat
– renters
– home owners
– life


Schrader & Murphy is more than happy to reward great customers and good students. They will provide you with discounts for having multiple policies with them and more than one vehicle. They also provide discounts for students with high grades. Customers can also take advantage of a discount by paying for the policy in full. Taking a defensive driving course can also earn you a healthy discount with this provider.

Extra Services

You don’t have to pay for a separate policy with a roadside service company. Schrader & Murphy also offers road service packages to help protect you on the road.

Coverage Areas

Schrader & Murphy offers insurance coverage throughout the state of Washington. Their strongest focus is in the greater tri-city area of Washington. Covering the cities of Vancouver, Spokane and Spokane Valley, this company offers insurance coverage even to high risk drivers.

Personal Service

Rather than being one person out of thousands of customers, you will be one important customer who gets to build a long-lasting relationship with their agent. Every policy is managed by a state licensed agent who will work with the policy holder closely throughout the life of the policy. The agent can assist you in the claims process should that be necessary and they can help you find out where and how to make payments.

SR-22 Insurance Provider

The SR-22 form is required by the state to show that problem drivers are properly covered. There are several reasons why the state might require a driver to file an SR-22.

– Uninsured drivers who fail to pay the required compensation will have to carry one.
– Unsatisfied judgment suspensions will result in an SR-22 form requirement.
– Receiving a suspended license will also carry this requirement when you get your license back.
– If you are convicted more than three time for mandatory insurance violations.

Once an SR-22 is required with the state, it must be maintained for 36 months. Schrader & Murphy is a provider of the necessary SR-22 insurance that you need to keep your car on the road legally. Most insurance providers are not willing to deal with the higher risk associated with drivers who require this form.

They are also not willing to deal with the extra paperwork that is created by this state requirement. Schrader & Murphy is happy to take new customers who require the SR-22, although they will charge an extra fee for the filing expenses.

Multiple Tickets

If you have a lead foot, then you may have found yourself staring at a notice of insurance termination from your last provider. All insurance companies are in the business of making money, and drivers who are prone to speeding or running red lights pose a high risk of causing accidents. This company specializes in providing coverage to drivers who find themselves uninsurable through traditional companies.


Getting a DUI is almost certainly grounds for termination with most other companies. The chance that a drunk driver will cause an accident is simply too high and most companies will decide that your business is not worth the risk. Schrader & Murphy will even insure those drivers who underestimated their level of intoxication.

Insurance premiums are based largely on your personal driving record. All insurance companies will lower premiums for safe, responsible drivers and raise the premiums for drivers who tend to drive too fast, violate the laws or get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Most companies will drop coverage completely for these drivers, but Schrader & Murphy is in the business of providing insurance even to these higher risk customers.

Do you Need Your VIN Number to get an Auto Insurance Quote?

Shopping around for auto insurance is the best way to save money. By comparing different companies you can find the best price with a provider that has both solid ratings and sound financial health. There is certain information you will need when getting insurance quotes. You will be asked for your name and address, your driver’s license number and the VIN number for the vehicle.

What the VIN is

The VIN number on your car is the 17 digit identification number. It is composed of both letters and numbers and is unique to your car. Earlier cars had a simple plaque inside the drivers’ door with this number. However, the number plaques were easily moved from one vehicle to another, a fact that made insurance companies and car owners alike nervous.

Where to Find the VIN

Newer cars will have the VIN located in several areas. It is found in the dash by the windshield and typically in a few other places. It could be in the doors, the radiator support bracket, the steering column or the firewall of the car. It is placed in multiple locations to prevent people from switching the VIN numbers with stolen or damaged cars.

The Information it Relays

The VIN number tells the insurance company everything they might want to know about a car. It tells them where the automobile was manufactured and who the manufacturer is. It also defines the body style, braking system, engine type, series of vehicle, restraint system and more.

By simply entering the VIN number, your insurance company can instantly view the full breakdown of factory installed safety features. These features play a role in determining your insurance premium, making the VIN number a necessary part of any truly accurate quote.

The Car’s History

Every time a car dealer does warranty work on a car, they enter the information in the manufacturer’s system using the VIN. When an insurance company totals a car due to flood, fire or other collision, that information will become attached to the VIN. If the car is stolen, the police will attach that information to the VIN. From the moment the car is manufactured until it reaches the final destination at the scrap yard, that VIN number will track all the major events in the car’s life.

Fraud Prevention

In addition to being able to provide completely accurate quotes with the VIN number, the insurance companies also use this information to prevent fraud. The days of moving a VIN with a clean title on to a body with a questionable title are in the past. Some manufacturers are also engraving the VIN into the engine compartment, making it almost impossible for chop shops to transfer VINs.

Salvage Titles

Use of the VIN number also prevents a vehicle that has been declared a total loss from being insured again. Once a vehicle is totaled by an insurance company, it becomes ineligible for insurance. It will have a salvage title and that information will be part of the VIN number. The vehicle can be restored and re-inspected, but the inspection must be done by the local state government before the car can be eligible for a regular title. The car’s journey from road-worthy to totaled and back to solid condition again will be detailed on the VIN, possibly affecting the insurance premiums.


Insurers also need the VIN number in the event of recalls. Many models are produced in several different factories located around the world. Defective parts coming from one factory will only affect the cars that were produced in that plant. When a recall is issued, the VIN numbers can be used to limit the scope of the recall, allowing the manufacturers to save billions of dollars. From the insurance company’s point of view, they want to know about recalls and know that the vehicle is properly repaired. In the event of an accident that results from recall work not being performed, the insurance company may refuse the claim.

Getting a Quote without the VIN

It is possible to get a general quote without the VIN number. You may be able to search online and find different quotes from various companies, especially when you are considering making a purchase. However, these quotes will not be guaranteed.

The insurance company will reserve the right to change the quote based on what is discovered when they look at the VIN number and the car’s history. The only way to get a firm quote is to provide the VIN along with your driver’s license number and other information.

It is important to check with different companies to find the best premiums that are available for you. Have the required information ready so you won’t have to go through the process again. Be prepared to provide the company with your personal contact information, VIN number and driver’s license information. Once you are ready to purchase insurance, the VIN will absolutely be required.

Should You Pay Car Insurance by the Month?

Having a car is essential to functioning in today’s world. Unfortunately, a number of expenses come with owning a vehicle. One of the biggest of these is car insurance. Many people pay for their insurance every year, forking over the entire amount to their insurance provider in exchange for coverage until the next payment. It’s a smart move because it can save the $50 or so charged by car insurance companies for installment payments. However, this can be extremely hard on the pocketbooks of many car owners. For them, paying by the month seems like a better financial option. Before you decide to go the monthly route, make sure you know the downside.

Why Companies Charge Monthly Payment Fees

Monthly payments can be more expensive in the end because a customer who pays by the month multiplies the burden he or she places on the accounting staff 12-fold. Instead of processing a single payment, the staff must now process 12. A large number of incoming monthly premiums dramatically increases the labor required by the accounting department, which means the company must hire more workers. Those extra salaries are paid, in the end, by the customer.

Monthly payments also create reduced cash flow for car insurance companies, which hurts their investments. For example, instead of having $1,200 to invest for an entire 12 months, a provider receiving monthly payments will only have one hundred dollars to invest during the first month, two hundred the next, and so on. Companies compensate for lower investment returns by increasing premiums.

Why People Pay Monthly

The reason that many people opt to pay their insurance premiums only a month at a time is usually financial. Most drivers simply do not have enough extra money in the bank to pay a full year in advance, so they need to spread it out. Unfortunately, this means that unless their company accepts direct deposit monthly payments in exchange for waiving the fee, customers are paying a monthly installment fee, adding to the cost of their insurance.

Escape the Trap of Monthly Payments

Although it will be difficult, it’s best to tough it out, give up some wants and stick with your needs to save up enough money to pay your car insurance premium in full. You should be able to save enough to pay the full policy period premium…after all; it’s cheaper than paying monthly. If you can afford the more expensive monthly payments, you can afford the cheaper one-year payment.

Another option is to choose a six-month policy, instead, cutting the lump sum needed in half. Once you get ahead of your car insurance payment, you’ll enjoy better cash flow and a little extra pocket money. Eventually, you should be able to save enough money so you can pay the policy in full every year. Don’t forget to shop around for car insurance quotes every six months, whether you are paid in full or not. It’s the best way to be certain you’re always getting the best rate, making it even easier to keep up with car insurance payments.

What Does a DUI Do To Your Auto Insurance Rates?

A conviction for DUI, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is a very serious offense, even if it your first conviction. In general, DUI will cost you thousands of dollars in the long run, and may jeopardize your ability to drive your car over a period of time.

In most states, drivers agree to submit to DUI testing voluntarily when they receive their driver’s licenses. As a driver’s license is a privilege, and not a right, states have the power to demand that drivers who apply for a license agree to these terms. If your state has a law in place that requires you to submit to DUI testing, you must do so if you are pulled over or face losing your license altogether.

When you are tested for DUI, a blood alcohol content, or BAC, reading will be taken by testing your breath, your blood, or both. If your BAC is over the legal limit, you will be charged with DUI. You may have to hire a lawyer to represent you in court; if you plead guilty, you will face several consequences.

Most states have a stiff fine and penalty system for punishing DUI offenders. On average, it will cost you several hundred dollars just for the DUI fine for a first offense, and many states also require you to attend, and pay for, driver education courses dealing with alcohol and motor vehicles. You may also have to pay reinstatement fees to recover your license, as well as court fees.

The real cost, however, is not just in immediate fines and fees. Over time, your insurance rates will probably skyrocket when your insurance company learns of your DUI. This happens because insurance companies usually scan the public records just before issuing renewal notices. If the company happens upon your DUI record, you can expect a fee increase or outright cancellation. Many companies simply will not insure someone who has a DUI conviction, so you may be forced to search for other automobile insurance.

Assuming that your company keeps your policy in force, you can count on higher premiums. While the cost will vary from individual to individual and company to company, you can expect a minimum of a 20% increase in your premiums, and many people see an increase of 40%. This means that if you were paying $1000 per year prior to your DUI, you can expect to pay $1200 to $1400 per year afterwards. This rate increase will stay in effect as long as the DUI is on your record.

In some states, DUIs stay active in your file for three years; in others, the DUI stays in your record permanently. The rate you are charged also depends on the rest of your driving record; a speeding ticket six months before your DUI can have a great impact on your new rate, and an accident can send your prices soaring.

Some states also require the filing of a document called an SR-22 after a DUI conviction. An SR-22 is a paper which your insurance company provides which states that you are insured for a certain period of time. Many major companies will not issue SR-22’s; if this is the case, you will have to seek other insurance.

Some companies that specialize in SR-22 insurance are The General and Progressive. However, some companies such as State Farm may require you to move your insurance to a different division of the company which carries high-risk policies. No matter how your SR-22 insurance is handled, one sure bet is that it will cost you more money than someone without this requirement.

Cheap Auto Insurance for Self Employed Workers

There are so many considerations to keep in mind when you are self-employed. One that many people overlook initially is the impact your employment status will have on your auto insurance. As a self-employed person, you can get cheap rates for your car insurance, provided you are willing to shop around and ask questions. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your auto insurance as a self-employed person.

Tools and Gear

When you’re the boss, you get to set your own hours and you only answer to yourself and your customers. With this freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. For one thing, if there are expensive tools used in your trade you will need to buy them and transport them. It’s common for the insurance companies to bump rates slightly to allow for the cost of these tools should they be involved in a claim.


For better or worse, companies are viewed as having deep pockets. Putting your company name on your car and then driving around in it provides an excellent amount of free advertising. But if you are in an accident with that car, it can also result in a frivolous lawsuit. You will want to protect yourself from so-called ambulance chasers and people looking for a quick buck by carrying higher coverage for liability. Your insurance company may also want to protect themselves by charging you a little more for that coverage.


Be honest with your company when reporting how many miles you drive. If you tell them the car is only driven 1,000 miles a year and they prove that is has been driven 20,000 miles a year, then they can deny your claim. Calculate the miles that it will be driven and report that number honestly. Expect your premium to rise slightly if you drive a lot of miles, but the small price is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered.

This can also work in your favor if you work strictly from home and do not have to drive for the business. In this case, you might see the premiums drop to a more attractive level.

Commercial Insurance

If you use your car primarily for business and will be visiting accounts and moving company goods in it, then you might want to consider commercial insurance. Designed for businesses and the extra liability that they face, this coverage will provide better protection. It’s also a business expense and can provide you with another tax deduction at the end of the year.

Factors Affecting Premiums

Ultimately, the amount you pay for premiums will depend on several factors. Your credit report may be taken into account in some states, and the company will certainly look at your driving record and claims history. Other factors include your age and family status, as well as the type of car you are driving.

Finding the Lowest Rates

Getting the best rates for your needs involves several steps. You must first consider your required coverage levels. If you will be driving for the company then you must have higher liability levels. Add comprehensive if you want theft of materials or damage to the car covered should something happen while you are out and about. Make a list of what you want and have it with you when you start shopping around.

Next, you should write down the mileage you expect to drive each year. You should also make a list of your car’s safety features and any anti-theft features that it has. These can help you get a discount. If you’ve taken a safe driver’s course you should have that information handy, along with your driver’s license number. You should also consider the deductibles you are interested in. Higher deductibles lower premiums and can help offset the overall cost.

The next step is to visit comparison websites where you can enter your information and receive a list of quotes from different companies. Choose the three or four quotes that are the most appealing and then move on to the next step.

Research is important when you are choosing a cheap insurance company. You want low rates but you also want a company that will stand behind you and actually pay claims. Try to choose companies that are nationally recognized like Geico, Allstate or Farmer’s. Check out the ratings on the companies you like from agencies like JD Power, A.M. Best and S&P. Review customer information online to see who has the highest ratings, and then make a decision. You may wind up paying a little more on the premiums, but you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are truly protected by a solid company.

How Many Points Are You Allowed On Your Driver’s License?

“Points” are demerits added to your driving record when you are convicted of speeding, have an accident, or have some other type of moving violation. Almost every state has a “points” system which accumulates and keeps a tally of the number of points you have earned. Some states have a “positive” points system as well; the longer you go without a traffic ticket or accident, the more positive points you earn, offsetting any negative points earned by traffic violations. On the other hand, some states have only “negative” points, and these remain on your license for a certain number of years.

Many people question how many points it takes to lose your license or cause your insurance premiums to go up. While this may seem a simple question, the answer depends largely on which state you live in and how that state totals points against your license, as well as how the state reports these points to interested parties such as insurance companies.

In order to find out your state’s specific point system, you can visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. If you are interested in the point system of several states, you can visit, which is a clearinghouse of information related to the various states and their insurance and driving laws.

States which operate with a point system generally grade points based on the seriousness of the offense. For example, in Alabama, reckless driving earns you six points on your license, while speeding of less than 25 miles per hour over the posted limit earns only two points. In Alabama, once you accumulate 12 points within a two-year period, your license will be suspended for 60 days.

This example is fairly typical of the type of system most states have. In general, if you accumulate a certain number of points within a certain time period, your license will be suspended.

Even more troublesome is how the states report points to your insurance company. If you accumulate any points at all, you are in danger of your insurance company finding out, although many states do not report minimum points unless you accumulate several small charges in a short period of time. Insurance companies can also sweep public records, looking for traffic violations and unreported accidents; if this happens, and your insurance company finds out about your points, your insurance premiums may increase.

Some states also monitor and tally the points you earn while driving in other states. If you are a Kentucky resident, for example, and you earn four points in Georgia while driving through on vacation from a speeding violation, Kentucky can add those points to your Kentucky driver’s license, and the same penalties will apply as if you had earned the points in your home state.

Many states also make distinctions between various groups of drivers. For example, drivers under 18 who accumulate points may have their licenses revoked or suspended for fewer points than an adult. In most cases, these teen drivers can reinstate their license when they reach majority; in some cases, however, the license suspension can actually be for a longer period of time than an adult. Commercial drivers often earn more points on their license than other drivers for the same offenses, as well, and may lose their commercial licenses for longer periods of time.

Some infractions in some states carry zero points, although they are still considered traffic violations and are fined accordingly. You can often appear in court to pay your fine and ask the judge to remove the points from your license. If it is your first offense, this request will sometimes be granted.

Generally speaking, if you accumulate points for more than two serious traffic violations within a two-year period, your license will be affected and your insurance will go up. In many states, this is the equivalent of ten to twelve points in a two-year period. However, be reminded that you can also accumulate the same number of points for more numerous small violations, as well.