Finding Low-Cost Car Insurance With A Bad Driving Record

After the milestone age of twenty-five, your car insurance rates will steadily lower. This, of course, is only the case if you keep up a clean driving record. If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a messy driving record, there is little hope in finding cheap coverage if the insurance companies have deemed you a “high risk driver.”480202_broken_car

One of the worst states to be a resident of if you are a “high risk driver” is Maryland. Residents of Maryland may find themselves having to pay up to 30 percent more than residents of other states, who are high risk drivers.

The system is supposedly opposed by the Maryland governor and senate president who both say this system is unfair to low-income citizens and other individuals with monetary issues. A recent reform bill (actually, a bill that’s failed to pass for the last 10 years) failed to pass for it’s eleventh consecutive year, which would have helped change this system.

No matter the state (or even country), it’s always difficult to find cheap car insurance. One great way is online, through a website that allows you to compare different providers. You can have instant access to a variety of different insurance providers, so you can find the best deal for you.

Getting Good Auto Insurance For Teenagers

Although teen drivers may be the most risky on the road (and the most overconfident behind the wheel), cheap teen auto insurance coverage may be available.

As you get older, car insurance rates will continue to decrease steadily. That’s the good news. The bad news is, the first lesson behind the wheel as a teen, your insurance is expensive. The best way to find reliable insurance as a driver under the age of twenty-five is to compare prices online through web sites that allow side by side comparisons.

You should buy only the coverage that is absolutely necessary. Older vehicles may not need collision or comprehensive coverage, because it’s cheaper to just take the bluebook value of the car, or forgo coverage completely in the case of an accident and simply buy another cheap replacement vehicle.

As a parent you can add the dependent on to your own policy which is much cheaper than an individual policy. But make sure you don’t get too cheap with vital coverage that saves you a future of medical bills and lawyer’s fees.

It’s no secret that teen drivers take more risks and tend to think they are invulnerable. But that golden age of 25 is seen as a milestone by insurance companies and begin to lower your rates as the danger associated with your age decreases as well. insurance5-2

Age Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

insurance4-2Twenty-five is a big year for insured car owners. That’s the age that your insurance rates start to drop. And the good news is, they continue to decrease as you get older.

It makes sense when you think about it. New drivers and teenagers are some of the worst road hazards out there. Besides the really elderly, teen drivers and those in their early twenties cause the most accidents for their age bracket. Young drivers tend to think they are invincible, oblivious to the inherent dangers associated with driving. Car accidents are the number one cause of death among people aged 16 to 24.

Not all teen drivers are a problem on the road, but those that are make insurance companies uneasy and youth rates are appropriately higher. You can actually decrease your rates as a teen through some insurance providers if you prove you are a good student.

Some online sources suggest young drivers purchase cheaper cars. Although the insurance may be slightly higher as a teen, in the unfortunate scenario of an accident it may be cheaper to take the bluebook value of the car rather than pay for collision or comprehensive coverage.

As a parent, one can often add the teenager onto the policy which can help reduce the rates. But don’t be too cheap on vital coverage, and leave yourself paying for expensive medical bills or legal fees.

The best advice out there is to drive safe. But make sure you’ve bought good coverage from a reliable company.

Check Rates Before Changing Car Insurance Companies

insurance3-2There’s one thing that rarely gets checked before most people buy a car. Auto insurance rates. Just as important as any part of the car, brakes, clutch, gears, belts, etc., is your car insurance rate. Make sure you check your rates before you wind up with a new car, and no insurance!

If you buy a car before purchasing insurance you may end up with a higher premium. But if you research your insurance providers first, you may be able to lower your rates with a few compromises, and you can considerably reduce the operational cost of the vehicle.

If the car is old, the insurance premium may be more expensive. This is because as a vehicle ages it becomes more of a liability and more likely to break down or cause an accident. Also, consider buying a light motor vehicle over a luxury sedan or a sports utility vehicle.

The web is full of sites available for you to compare various rates from various companies. Get current quotes online fast by entering some basic personal details and a little information about your vehicle (or the vehicle you’d like to purchase). The best thing about online car insurance comparisons is the ability to avoid dealing with an auto insurance salesman or agent.

What To Do If Your Car Insurance Is Cancelled

One place you don’t want to be is on the road without insurance. Anyone can find themselves with canceled or expired insurance coverage which could leave you in a dangerous situation.

If you forgot to renew your coverage, you’ll hopefully receive a notice from your provider keeping you updated. If insurance2-2you did renew and you receive one of these notices, contact your insurance company immediately and find out their explanation.

If your car insurance is canceled by your car insurance provider, consider these possibilities. Did you pay your monthly premium on time? Has your driver’s license been revoked? Have you provided false information on your policy application?

If any of these are the case, call your insurance company immediately and ask for an explanation. Once you understand the situation, you can understand what course of action to take next.

Once you are sure you are no longer covered, it may be time to look for a new provider. Start shopping online as soon as possible. You can compare different prices from different insurance companies with the click of a button. You can compare up to 5 different companies at one time.

What To Do If Your Auto Insurance Expires

insurance1-2Did you forget to renew your auto insurance policy this year? Don’t be caught off guard and find yourself uninsured on the road! Check your expiration date on the declarations page of your auto insurance policy or on your auto insurance card. Has the date passed already?

When your policy expires, your insurance company will let your DMV know about it. If your vehicle is still registered to you, the DMV may contact you and request proof of insurance. If you fail to do that, you may lose your ability to register other vehicles in the future.

Be careful. If you decide to cancel your auto insurance within 45 days before the expiration date, you may have to pay a 50 dollar fee. You want to start looking for a new insurance provider early.

It might be time to start looking for a better insurance company and a better deal right now. Use an online company to help find the right insurance provider for you. You can compare prices and browse through a variety of different offers. Licensed car insurance agents are available immediately. Select coverage and get verification online within minutes. Most importantly, you can do this all for free!

An Accident Won’t Always Raise Your Car Insurance

insurance7We’ve all been in that situation before. Maybe you were driving home from work and you hit a bird. It created a dent in your bumper. At first, you think the repairs are only going to cost you a couple hundred dollars, but then you realize that the bird also hit part of your front light and now the electrical system is messed up. So, your out of pocket costs are more expensive. Most people think ‘I don’t want my insurance rates to go up, I’ll just pay for it myself.’ However, having a claim on your record is not necessarily bad. Especially in this type of situation.

Most insurance companies will not cancel you after one claim and might not even raise your rates unless you were at fault. It is a good idea to talk with your insurance company ahead a time about their policy regarding rate increases so you can make wise decisions when it comes to using your insurance. Because the truth is, you have insurance you might as well use it. And the good news is insurance companies say that they are able to renew the majority of customers who have policies with them. This means, the risk of filing a claim is relatively low.

Car Insurance And DUIs

Have you recently been caught driving under the influence? If you have, you are not alone. It happens to many people across the country. We see it in the news daily. Offenders have been fined, their license has been suspended, they have probably had to pay pricey attorney fees to represent them on the matter, and then there’s the matter of insurance6their-car insurance. Because of the seriousness of the DUI offense, a lot of car insurance companies will either raise your rates substantially or either cancel your policy outright. According to them, you are now classified as a “high-risk driver.”

Evidently, most states require that the state’s vehicles agency, the DMW or MVD, provide the DUI offender with and SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate. This certificate, because it is proof of insurance, allows the offenders license suspension to be removed. Unfortunately, not all states are handy out these SR-22 policies. So if you have been caught driving under the influence, getting your license back might be more difficult then it seems. In some situations, people are reporting that their policies were simply not renewed or even canceled. This is definitely a long term consequence to consider when it comes to getting a DUI.

Bad Debts Can Raise Your Car Insurance

insurance5Everyone knows that the economy is rough right now. For many, the temptation is probably there to charge the credit card and pay later. And, sometimes, when the bills are due, the money to pay them is unfortunately just not available. If you feel like this, you probably are not alone. However, as your debt is rising and your credit score is dropping, one thing you might not have realized is that your car insurance rates are being affected.

How is this possible you ask? Debt, credit scores, and insurance? The tune to “one of these things is not like the other” is ringing in your head, but apparently that is not true. The three have a lot more in common than anyone could have foresaw. Today’s insurance companies are using your credit scores to determine how much they will charge you for your car insurance rates. So as your debt builds, so does your rate for car insurance. Because according to the insurance company, even though the economy is bad, a low credit score equals a risky driver on the road. This is definitely something to think about when the visa bill is due. So be wise when it comes to your finances and try to avoid bad debt.

Car Insurance And Credit Ratings

Your credit score. It helps you buy a house and a car. And apparently, it can affect the rate of your car insurance. The economy is tough, and you might have missed a payment or two on one of your credit cards. Don’t be surprised if this is taken into consideration when determining the rates for your car insurance. Some people are saying that their rates have doubled due to low credit scores. Is this fair? Because, when it comes down to it as long as you are paying the insurance company on time that should be all that matters, right? Wrong.insurance43

Although, it may seem unfair, insurance companies argue that if you are not responsible with your money you may be unsafe when it comes to your driving on the road. And therefore, they feel this gives them a legitimate case for raising your rates if your credit score is low even if you have been with their company for a long time. Studies suggest that for the most part these situations effect blue collar workers who are struggling to make ends meet and will have an even more difficult time making the higher payment for the car insurance. People are wondering, is this fair?