Don’t want to buy car insurance online? An agent can help you

1960 white caddy fleetwoodIf you would prefer to discuss your car insurance directly with an agent, start your research online, find the insurance agent that most fits your criteria and give the agent a call.

There are many ways your agent can save you money. Your agent spends all day, day in and day out adding cars to policies, be they new, or used, to be driven by an older driver or a younger driver, to be driven by a low risk or high risk driver. Your agent will know how to get the coverage you desire for the least amount he can.

Are you buying a vehicle? While you consider which vehicle to buy, give your agent a call, find out how much insurance will cost for the vehicles you are considering. Different amenities (such as a convertible top) can affect your insurance rate. Your agent will know what amenities affect your rate and which way those amenities affect it. If you aren’t particular about the vehicle, ask your insurance agent which cars carry the lowest insurance rates.

Your agent has taken instruction to learn all of the ins and outs of his business and he has built his experience on a daily basis. That experience and knowledge is there for you to use, making it possible for you to get the most insurance for your money.

If you don’t drive much, you can get lower car insurance rates

red model race carCar insurance companies base their rates on many factors, including driving record, zip code, credit history, car mileage, car type, car use, etc. You need to keep all this in mind as you shop for insurance rates. If you use your car on an infrequent basis or drive few miles per use, your insurance company will take that into consideration when figuring your rate. If your car has high mileage for its model year, the insurance company is liable to suspect you drive frequently and adjust accordingly. The type of car makes a big difference too. An expensive convertible is going to cost a good deal more to insure than a hard top economy car. Your location will affect your insurance rates because some areas are more susceptible to crime or traffic accidents. These are only a few factors that will be taken into consideration.

Make sure when you are shopping for insurance, that you are using the same input and criteria for each company, this will produce the most consistent information for your final decision. Once you have your information together, research your insurance needs online. There are many companies that represent multiple insurance carriers. We would suggest requesting quotes from at least three such companies encompassing all carriers they represent. This will give you a good range to choose from. Maybe also intersperse some individual carriers for good measure. Don’t let them pressure you into signing up right away, take time, compare your information and make an informed decision.

Use your car for work? Make sure your insurance knows that

white MercedesDo you use your own car for company business? If so, are you covered through your company’s insurance policy or do you need to make necessary changes to your own insurance policy? If you drive a company car, there is a strong probability that you are covered under your company’s policy, but it is still a good idea to verify that fact.

Are you self employed and do you use your vehicle for both personal and business pursuits? While it may be tempting to omit information regarding business use of your vehicle, you may regret it later if you should be involved in an accident while performing company business. If your insurance provider finds out about this omission of information, they may deny your whole claim, leaving you holding the bag for all repairs.

We suggest first contacting the person responsible for company car insurance (if you are using your own car to conduct their business). Verify the coverage and get copies of the necessary insurance information to carry in your vehicle. Should there be an accident, you will want to refer to their insurance first, leaving your personal insurance unaffected.

If you are self employed, we suggest contacting your insurance company to discuss the ratio of business to personal vehicle use. This ensures that your provider can correctly calculate your insurance needs and costs. Make sure you get copies of the paperwork regarding the distribution of coverage as you may need it at a later date.

Regardless of company or personal coverage, make sure you carry all of the appropriate information with you at all times.

Shop Around For Great Auto Insurance Rates

Dollar bill going into a piggy bankTrying to save a buck? We’re always looking for better deals and discount prices, especially in this economy. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of lower car insurance rates?

There are some great reasons you should be shopping around for better auto insurance. While some people might think it’s easy to stay with the same company for years, there are some real reasons why it might be in your interest to look for a new rate or even insurance provider.

If you’ve recently moved, to a new city or state, you’ll want to research and compare the new deals you can get from different auto insurance companies. A new address may affect your overall rate because of location and how many miles each day you drive. Different states also have different auto insurance companies.

Have you just bought a new car? You’ll definitely want to check out your new rate possibilities, and hopefully you’ll do so before you purchase the new make and model. Comparing rates before you buy a car may help you decide on which car to look into.

Perhaps you’ve been married recently. Single, divorced, and widowed individuals have higher premiums. Married folks usually get the best deals. Or if you’ve recently retired or changed jobs. Any change in your lifestyle may affect your auto insurance rates immediately.

If any of these are true, or you just think your rates are too high, go do an online side-by-side comparison of different rates, and find the best deal for you!

Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

blue plastic piggy bankLook to your left. Now your right. Now in eight other directions. It’s likely that everyone you looked at is paying far too much for their car insurance. And it’s likely they don’t know it.

It’s possible to get a better rate, right now online, from a different insurance provider. If you are fed up with high insurance rates from your current provider, simply take an hour or so and research a little online to find a more competitive premium.

There’s a few ways to narrow down your search for the best insurance rate for you, and to get all the discounts that you qualify for. First, go online to a site that compares various auto insurance providers, putting them side-by-side, and allowing you to immediately view which provider will give you the best quote.

Other ways to keep your insurance rate low is to keep a clean record (both on the road and criminally). Try driving a “low profile car” such a smaller, cheaper car, rather than an SUV or sports car. Those will drive your rates up quickly.

Chose a low risk occupation. Higher risk jobs make for higher risk drivers. Search for combined coverage, and discounts for safety features. If you are involved in a professional organization, or if you are a senior citizen, you may be eligible for discounts as well.1162218_dollar_army_3

Contacting Your Car Insurance When You’ve Been In An Accident

old school cell phoneStay calm. You are alive, and that’s the most important thing after an accident. Keep that in mind when you eventually make the call to your auto insurance provider.

Before getting into an accident (hopefully you never will) try and keep your car insurance card in you glove box so the information and numbers to call are available if you end up in a collision. If the worst happens, and you need to pull that card out, stay at the scene of the accident.

Make sure you write down the names of the other drivers, and persons involved. Write down the name of the officer if one arrives at the scene, and if none arrive, you should make the emergency call if it’s serious enough. Get the license number and addresses of the other cars/drivers. And if you have a camera available, take pictures of the scene.

Don’t admit guilt immediately. Make sure everyone is alive and OK, but be sure not to take blame for the accident, especially if it’s not obvious who was at fault. Report the accident to your insurance provider as soon as possible. Take care to read your insurance policy (or if not the whole document, the part on the back that details the conditions). If you don’t follow these instructions you may be giving up some of your rights.

Keep asking questions if you aren’t sure you understand what the agent is saying.

Car Insurance And Bankruptcies

Some people who find themselves in the difficult situation of having to file for bankruptcy, wonder if they can still get a good auto insurance rate. There is good news! It IS possible to find an insurance provider who won’t fault you for having declared bankruptcy in the past.

Not all insurance companies are the same however. You’ll certainly have to shop around for the best rate using a site that allows you to do side-by-side comparisons of the various options and deals each company offers. It’s likely that cutting credit cards with scissorsyour insurance premiums will be slightly higher than those who have never filed for bankruptcy, or those who have a better credit report. But, good deals are still available for you even if your credit score is not what it used to be.

There are many factors in deciding what rate you should receive from your provider, including age, type of car, etc. and there are some companies that do not even look at your credit history.

There are many companies that represents carriers which will look at past bankruptcies, online and let you search for the auto insurance provider right for you.

Don’t let your past bankruptcy keep you from good car insurance rates.

Combining Your Auto Insurance With Your Homeowners Insurance Can Save You Money

urban windowWhen you look into purchasing homeowners insurance, check to see if the same company has any auto insurance deals available. Occasionally, when you buy more than one kind of insurance from the same company, you can combine the rates into what is called a “multi-line policy.” Other companies may call this a “combined policy”, but most companies that offer such a service will provide you with discounts for these purchases.

If you don’t have either homeowner insurance or auto insurance and are in need of both, now is the perfect time to look into a combined policy and start saving money. Auto insurance is required in all fifty states, so make sure you are covered. Homeowner’s insurance isn’t a requirement, but certainly a good idea. If you have one and not the other, try contacting an agent at your insurance provider and see if they offer any combination policies that could help lower your overall rates.

It’s very easy these days to purchase auto insurance online. Most auto insurance providers can be compared side-by-side through other web sites. Homeowner insurance isn’t always as simple though. If you’re considering a combined policy of homeowner and auto insurance, it’s best to contact a live agent and speak to them about your options.

Belong To A Professional Group? You Might Qualify For Cheaper Car Insurance

Discounted auto insurance is still a valuable and highly sought after deal that every driver wants. There is a list of ways to find the best premium that suits your needs. While you are comparing all the different quotes you can get your hands on (or mouse cursor over), you might want to look into this one trick to discounted car insurance.

Do you belong to a professional group? If so, you may be able to get a better premium. You should check to see if there are any group insurance programs in available in your local area or online. If you are eligible to join a professional group scheme you can find yourself paying much less than your regular rates.

Other tricks to lower car insurance rates are to maintain a good credit history and a good claims record.1134419_woman Changing insurance providers itself can affect your credit history. Check to make sure your credit score is still good.

Maintaining a good driving record is still the best bet at a good insurance rate. If you are involved in any accidents, your insurance providers will deem you a “higher risk driver” and your rates will begin to climb.

If possible, try driving less, and settle for a lower profile car. If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, you will pay less. Same thing goes for smaller cars (anything other than an SUV, sports car, or foreign models).

Your Marital Status Affects Your Car Insurance

We’re always searching for the best deal in this economy, whether it’s at the grocery store or at the pump. When it comes to car insurance, we’re no different, and we want the best deal possible. There’s many tricks to getting affordable car insurance. Your credit score. Good grades in school. Just being above the age of twenty-five helps. But how about getting married for better premiums?

1170043_heart_sketchIf you are single, divorced or widowed, your insurance rates are higher than if you are married. Surprisingly, it’s completely legal in most states to use this kind of discrimination on their insured drivers. Insurance companies argue that just like younger drivers who are statistically more dangerous behind the wheel of a car, single individuals are similarly more likely to act irresponsibly on the road.

Are they saying married individuals have more to live for, and are thus safer drivers? Or is it because when you’re single, you do silly (vehicle) maneuvers to impress a date? The statistics do exist though, shedding some light on the situation. Married individuals are involved in less accidents. In the end, being single doesn’t help you get better insurance rates.

A trick to see if your insurer penalizes your single status, is to get two quotes from them (use different names each time). Enter identical information into the fields and change only the marital status. Hit enter. This may illuminate which providers are utilizing this kind of practice. We don’t recommend getting married simply for the better insurance rates though.