Great Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Inflation hits all areas of your life, even the cost of insuring your car. While changing providers can help you save money on your auto coverage. Here are some tips to help you lower that bill, without sacrificing too much on the protection you need.


Choose a higher deductible and watch your monthly premium fall. Increasing the level to one thousand dollars could result in a bill that drops by forty percent or more. There is a trick to following this advice, however. Take the money that is being saved each month and set is aside in a separate account.

Continue doing this until you have reached that $1000 threshold. The funds will be there if you ever need to cover the deductible and you will continue enjoying the lower price every month after that.

Drop Collision and Comprehensive on Older Cars

These coverages are designed to get your auto fixed in the event of an accident or vandalism. They are required on vehicles that are financed. Once the note is paid off, however, that protection can be dropped. Keep in mind that the deductible will have to be paid when the damages are to your own property. If your car is only worth two thousand dollars and you will have to pay a thousand of that, then it may be well worth it to just drop these options completely.

Shop Around

Nothing drives prices lower like competition. Comparison websites allow you to put that force to work for you. By entering your information in the system, you will quickly receive quotes from multiple companies. You may find out that the best option for your needs is an agency you wouldn’t have thought to call on your own.

Bundle It

Most insurance providers offer discounts for people who have more than one policy with them. Insure your home and car with the same company to receive attractive discounts on each policy. Look at all the products your provider offers to see which ones you are interested in.

Multiple Cars

If you own a motorcycle, recreational vehicle or equipment like ATV’s and jet-skis, then you might want to find a company that can insure all of these modes of transportation. Having multiple cars insured with the company can also provide you with handsome savings.

Drive Less

Taking steps to put fewer miles on the car is great for your wallet in several ways. The maintenance will be reduced, you’ll spend less money on fuel and you can even get a lower insurance quote. Carefully consider how many miles you actually drive on an annual basis. Talk to your company to be sure that their information accurately reflects that.

Look for Extra Fees

Some providers charge you for the convenience of monthly payments. If this is the case, try to pay the policy in full when it arrives to save money. If you are in the habit of making payments by phone, ask if there are charges associated with that. Late fees can add up, make sure you are mailing the funds early enough to avoid these extra charges.

Safe Driver

Maintain a clean driving record and enjoy a lower cost of insurance. Most companies offer discounts if you go three years or more without a ticket or accident. Check your history and then talk to your company about getting the price break if you are eligible.

Optional Services

There is no reason to pay for towing coverage if you already have AAA protection. Check with your credit cards to see if any of them automatically provide you with roadside assistance or rental car coverage. If you have these services available at a lower price through another channel, then you do not need to buy them from the insurance company.


Most cars now come with anti-theft devices, and that information is taken into account when the company determines your premium. However, if you add a security alarm then you will qualify for an additional discount. Talk to your agent to make sure that you receive the proper credit.


Safer cars cost less to insure. While a really affordable car may look good initially, the cost of insurance for it may actually be quite high if there are no air bags or anti-lock brakes. To get the best insurance rates on a new car, look at the overall safety ratings and available features.

Good Students

Students who get achieve high grades qualify for discounts because it shows they are responsible. When you have a teenager in the house, remind them of this face. Then, call the insurance company to cash in on your kid’s honor roll status.

There are many ways you can reduce the cost of auto insurance. Drive carefully and defensively. Talk to your agent to ensure that you are getting all discounts you qualify for. Consider choosing a higher deductible and eliminating coverage you may no longer need. Most importantly, shop around using comparison tools so you can find the best price available.

Car Insurance Rates on the Rise – How to Fight It

Some of the hippest commercials on television today are slick, entertaining ads from the largest car insurance companies. Geico’s Caveman campaign even developed a life of its own when the main character was featured in a short-lived comedy show in prime time. All of these commercials have the same message: Car insurance is less expensive with their company. The truth, however, is that as these TV characters have become more popular with customers  than the actual savings consumers get. Insurance rates have gone up almost 30% since 2000, and  there’s no guarantee that rates won’t continue to rise over the next few years.

Insurance Costs Rise with Medical Costs

One of the main reasons insurance rates are rising so quickly is that medical costs are rising quickly. Insurance companies have to be prepared to cover medical bills for people who are injured in car accidents. That means that they have to charge more up-front from all of their customers so that they will be ready when the claims begin to come in. Insurers also have to cover repair and replacement of the vehicles that are damaged in accidents, which can be far more expensive in these days of computerized engines and hybrid battery systems.

Gain More Cost Control with Pay-as-you-Drive Policies

One way drivers can play a more active part in determining how much they pay for car insurance is through a pay-as-you-drive insurance policy. The way it works is the car insurance company sends you a small electronic device that tracks how many miles you drive. Unlike a traditional policy that charges you based on an average number of miles driven annually, you are only charged for the number of miles that are actually recorded through your tracking device. How often and how far you drive is entirely up to you, but the less you drive the less you will pay for car insurance.

Look for Special Discounts

Every car insurance company offers special discounts for customers who qualify. Be sure to check with your agent to find out if there are any discounts you could use to cut your insurance bill down to size. Typical discounts include savings for attending driving school, being a homeowner, installing safety equipment on your vehicle, installing anti-theft equipment, or carrying more than one type of insurance policy through the same carrier. Each insurance company has different restrictions and offers different discounts, however, so you might need to shop around to find the best policy to fit your situation.

Take Advantage of Online Quote Comparisons

Another way to fight rising car insurance rates is to do your own rate comparisons through an online quote site. These sites allow you to enter your personal information into a single form that is then distributed to the insurance companies you would like to know more about. You receive a report from each of the companies you selected, which allows you to compare their prices and policies side by side on your computer screen. Online quotes give you a good overview of the rates you should expect based on your particular demographics. Once you have done the research, you can approach an insurance company as an informed consumer.

Automobile Insurance Coverage from American Commerce

American Commerce Insurance Company opened its doors in 1946. The agency has always focused on providing the highest level of customer service. Listening to their clients throughout the years and responding to their requests, the company now offers products that are in high demand.

Size and Ratings

A financially sound provider, American Commerce has been rated Superior by A.M. Best for its excellent fiscal decisions and high equity levels. Standard & Poor’s rates the insurance agency as stable, indicating that the company will be able to continue providing coverage in the coming years.

One of the oldest insurance companies in the world; they have nearly 51,000 agents working with drivers in 43 countries. They are currently the largest provider in Latin America and the tenth most popular agency in Europe.


Their global representatives are available to help you get the right coverage for your needs. They will step you through the options available and answer any questions you may have about the company, the different programs and qualifying discounts.

Auto Insurance

Covering a range of vehicles, they insure passenger and conversion vehicles, classic autos, exhibition pieces and even golf carts. These policies offer several attractive features. The AutoMaster Plus program provides standard coverage, extended protection and security for personal items like cell phones, laptops and child seats. This plan also offers glass replacement, death benefits and will reimburse you for some vet bills should your pet be involved in an accident.

A Peace of Mind package provides accident forgiveness, a deductible credit or the chance to lower the deductible by effectively avoiding accidents. An optional upgrade, there are extra fees associated with this service.

New Car Enhanced Coverage Option ensures that your car will be replaced with a new auto of the same make and model should it be declared a total loss. Age requirements exist for any vehicle that is a part of the program. The company does offer plans for towing and rental expenses, as well.


ATV’s, snowmobiles and motorcycles need high quality insurance. American Commerce provides coverage for most specialty vehicles including sport bikes, touring and dirt bikes, scooters and mopeds. The Peace of Mind package is available for your off-road and street legal motorcycles, giving riders the chance to lower their deductible and enjoy Accident Forgiveness.

Recreational Vehicles

Specialized vehicles need unique coverage. American Commerce will protect motorhomes of all body types and sizes. Recreational trailers, pick-up campers, pop-up tents, utility and watercraft trailers can also be covered by the company.

Most insurance companies automatically protect a towed vehicle while it is on the road. American Commerce takes it one step further by providing general liability coverage even when the RV is being used as a home while on vacation.

You can take advantage of the Emergency Expense Allowance should your motorhome become seriously damaged when you are staying in it more than fifty miles away from home. This would include taking care of payments for hotel expenses and transportation fees you might incur as a result.

Recreational vehicles typically have features that most insurance companies won’t safeguard. Replacement Cost Personal Effects coverage will reimburse you for household furnishings, antennas, awnings and cabanas that might become damaged in an accident or storm.

The company offers Total Loss Replacement Cost Coverage so you can replace your motorhome with a comparable one or receive a settlement equal to the purchase price. There are qualifying age requirements for any RV that is part of this program.


Special savings are available for clients who buy before their other policy expires, take defensive driver classes or pay their policy in full at the start of the term. Loyal customers are rewarded with lower premiums, as well as good students, homeowners and people with multiple policies. One easy way to save money with American Commerce is to sign up for payments made by electronic funds transfer.

Other Products

American Commerce will provide you with the insurance you need for your single family home or condo. Renters can get the backing they need to safeguard their personal property. Identity theft protection is available, as well as umbrella coverage that will help secure all your assets.

American Commerce Insurance Company is a solid company that is financially stable. Taking pride in offering superior customer service, they have twenty-four hour claims services. Providing a good range of products and attractive discounts, they are worth taking a closer look at when receiving quotes. Be sure to look at the final price offered after all special packages are chosen and discounts are applied before making a final decision on your next insurance policy.

How to Use Car Insurance Quote Sites

The convenience of the internet has made it easier than ever to research car insurance policies so that you can be sure you are paying the best price for the best coverage. All you need to do is enter some simple information into a single form, and choose how many companies you want to compare. Once the comparisons come in, it is time for you to do the legwork to figure out which company has the best policy for your needs. The nice thing is that you can make your comparisons any time of the day or night from a computer where you feel comfortable.

Understand the Terminology

Car insurance policies can use some terms that you might not be familiar with unless you are involved in the industry. Fortunately, we have a handy explanation of car insurance terms reference for you to use. Take a few minutes to read through it and keep it bookmarked while you look over your online quote results. It is important to know what each policy really covers before you make a commitment to a particular insurance company.

Read Quote Results Thoroughly

Don’t grab the cheapest quote and sign up right away. Sometimes the lowest quotes are so inexpensive because they offer very little real coverage. Read the policy results entirely from beginning to end. Use a pen and paper to take notes about things like deductibles, minimums and maximums, and exceptions. There is nothing worse than discovering exactly what a cheap policy will not cover when you are standing on the side of the road after an accident. It is worth paying a little bit more for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will have the protection you need if you ever have to file a claim.

Compare Discount Offers

Many of the quote comparisons you receive from individual insurance companies will include lists of discounts that are available to qualified drivers. These discounts are a great way to directly compare one policy against another. Note the discounts you believe you would qualify for and see which company offers the largest number of possible discounts. Keep the best two or three companies and contact them directly to find out more about the discounts they offer. Selecting three or more insurance quotes will give you a wider range of options.

Compare Quotes Periodically

Once you have finished comparing your quotes, don’t sign up with the company you like best and then never look at your insurance policy again. Loyalty discounts are nice, but they are rarely enough to enough to make up for the savings you can get by switching companies. It is important to compare quotes at least once a year and preferably every 6 months. Changes in your life, such as marriage or credit rating shifts, can change how much you pay for insurance. If the crime rate or accident rate in your zip code goes down, your insurance costs will probably go down too. If you don’t compare rates regularly, you may never realize how much you could be saving.

Best AIU Auto Insurance Company Specials

Founded in 1851, the American International Insurance Company started by offering property and surety insurance. It officially became known as AIU Insurance Company in 1976. Currently operating on a global basis, the company now operates under the name of Chartis.

Global Leader

Chartis is proud to have more than 70 million clients located around the world. They offer business and personal insurance services aimed at helping people protect the property they value.

Financial Strength

Chartis is a strong company. Their international sales outside of the United States and Canada in 2010 were in excess of fourteen billion. Domestic and Canadian net premiums written in 2010 totaled more than seventeen billion. The current A.M. Best rating of Excellent stands as further testament to the company’s financial strength.

Additional Products

In addition to auto insurance, Chartis also offer plans for accidents, health, home, property and travel. The company caters to businesses with a full line of commercial products, as well.

Private Client Group

A special offering from Chartis, this insurance product provides coverage for all the major assets a family might own. These include vehicles, homes, boats, collectibles and valuables. This policy is specifically designed for high-valued homes, custom jewelry and luxury autos. Added liability protection, international insurance and options for home offices are also available.

Worldwide Coverage

Because the company operates on a global basis, they are able to provide insurance coverage to customers all around the world. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who travels extensively.

Types of Vehicles

Chartis is happy to insure almost anything that can be driven. Their customers can take advantage of insurance for their daily drivers, collectible cars and even motorcycles.

Agreed Upon Value

Most companies pay based on the fair market value or depreciated value. Chartis pays based on a value that is predetermined at the onset of the policy and agreed upon by both parties.

High Limits

Chartis offers some of the highest liability limits available. They will provide customers with up to one million dollars in coverage per occurrence. Umbrella liability insurance is available with limits as high as $150 million.

Excess Liability

When the insurance maximum coverage level is reached, most people find that they are personally responsible for any excess damages. Chartis believes in providing the highest quality coverage, so they offer excess liability coverage. These higher limits are designed for people with a greater amount of assets. After the homeowners or auto liability levels are depleted, the excess will still be available for use.

High Deductibles

Chartis offers customers the opportunity to save more on monthly premiums by choosing extremely high deductibles, up to $10,000. Ideal for high ticket items and only recommended if the liquid assets to cover it are available, this can offer a valuable savings on some policies.

Available Options

Staying in line with other insurance companies, Chartis offers some attractive available options. They provide customers with high liability limits for added protection, a new car replacement programs, free towing and reimbursement for rental cars.

Customer Contact

This insurance provider has not yet embraced technology and all the benefits afforded by the Internet. Contacting them for a quote requires contacting the company by phone to speak to an agent.

Chartis is committed to providing flexible insurance policies that are custom-tailored to meet the demands of your lifestyle. Rates are competitive and the protection levels exceed those offered by most companies. Although quotes are not available through the Internet, Chartis is the company to call when you have a vast estate and great wealth to protect.

Michigan Car Insurance Changes Would Limit Injury Payments

Michigan lawmakers are considering changes to the current car insurance requirements in the state. To reduce the number of uninsured motorists on the road, they would like to reduce the minimum requirements for personal injury coverage. The changes being considered would also regulate health-related claims more closely so that the insurance would be responsible for paying fewer medical fees than it is currently set up to pay. While lower income drivers would benefit directly from the changes, most Michigan residents are wary of the proposal.

Current Personal Injury Minimum Requirements

Right now, Michigan requires that all drivers carry enough personal injury protection to cover all of the injuries caused by a car accident. The high minimum is expensive, but it has reduced the number of personal injury claims being processed through the courts. As the current insurance requirements stand, the brunt of the expense of recovery from an injury caused by an accident lies with the driver who is held responsible for the accident. Since the coverage is high enough to protect drivers in the most serious injury cases, there are very few incidents of drivers or injured parties needing to resort to personal funds to cover medical costs.

Changes Would Make Insurance More Affordable

Lawmakers and insurance companies point out that requiring every driver to carry the maximum personal injury protection can put car insurance out of the reach of many drivers, especially in the current economic downturn. Michigan cities like Detroit have seen some of the worst economic problems in the nation over the last few years, with high unemployment across the state. Many residents are faced with the choice of driving uninsured or not driving at all because they can’t afford insurance. The proposed changes would provide more options for drivers who can’t afford the current system.

Concerns about Drivers Being Underinsured

The trouble with allowing people to reduce their insurance coverage is that they have a much higher risk of driving without enough coverage. Lower personal injury requirements could potentially shift the burden of medical payments from the at-fault driver to the victim of the accident. Once the driver’s insurance coverage is maxed out, the injured party would have to resort to paying their medical bills on their own or taking the driver to court for the remainder of the medical bills. Opponents of the changes worry that underinsured drivers are just as dangerous as uninsured drivers.

Polls Show Majority of Residents Oppose the Change

Several polls of Michigan residents show that they are not in favor of the changes. Even though the new insurance laws would save some residents money on their car insurance, they would eventually cost more for everyone involved because insurance would cover less. As the law stands today, Michigan residents can feel confident that their medical bills would be covered for life if they were injured in a car accident. They seem to be reticent to trade in that security for the opportunity to pay less for their car insurance coverage. According to the polls, Michigan residents feel that the proposed changes would only benefit the insurance companies and create a higher burden on drivers.

New Wisconsin Car Insurance Law Facing Growing Pains

In some states, drivers who do not continually pay their car insurance premiums face automatic cancellation of their policies. However, Wisconsin does not enforce the regulation this way, and the state is finding more and more people are  getting around paying for their car insurance.

Wisconsin’s New Law

Effective as of June 1, 2010, all drivers in the state of Wisconsin were required to have car insurance. No one may drive a car unless the insurance policy has a minimum liability limit of $50,000 for each person, $100,000 for each accident resulting in bodily injury and $15,000 for property damage.

If a driver is pulled over or is involved in a car accident, he is required to have proof of his insurance coverage with him at all times to show the law enforcement officers if necessary. If the policy has been recently renewed and the drive has not received a new insurance card, he is able to print out a document stating that the policy is still active. Those who cannot afford car insurance from major or local companies can still get coverage through the Wisconsin Auto Insurance Plan.

People are Committing Insurance Fraud

While Wisconsin has passed a new insurance law that requires every driver to have valid car insurance, most people are not following through with the process. In fact, without a regulation in place that forces policies to end if the payments are not made, drivers are realizing that they can get away with avoiding car insurance. Hypothetically speaking, a driver could buy a policy for six months or for one year, make only one payment and let the policy lapse, yet still prove that they are covered for the remaining months, even though the policy isn’t active anymore.

Police in Wisconsin are finding it increasingly difficult to tell whether a driver has valid car insurance or not. They cannot pull over a driver simply to check to see if he has insurance; instead, the driver must have committed a traffic or motor vehicle violation that requires proof of insurance. Police sometimes need to contact the insurance company on a case-by-case basis in order to prove if the policy is still in effect or if the policy has ended.

Penalties for Driving without Car Insurance

Although an investigation may be needed, if a driver is caught without insurance, he can expect to receive a fine of $10 if he can later provide proof of insurance. On the other hand, if no insurance is shown, the driver will receive a $500 fine. If a driver tries to fake having insurance or provides false proof of coverage, the state patrol will slap him with a fine of at least $5,000. The reason for such a high fine is simple: to entice drivers to pay their premiums as required by law. The rates that a driver would pay for car insurance would be significantly less than if he was to get caught faking insurance coverage.

The ultimate penalty for driving without insurance is finding yourself in court for injuring someone in a car accident and having no insurance company to defend you or pay damages.

USAA and Geico – How do they Stack Up?

There are dozens of insurance companies to choose from in any given area. The prices can vary greatly from one carrier to another, as well as the customer service. One well-known company is Geico. Catering to drivers with good records and offering low prices for more than 75 years, it is a fast growing company. A lesser known company that caters specifically to military personnel and their family is USAA. Here’s a quick comparison to show how the two companies stack up.


Founded in 1922, USAA is the insurance that caters to members of the military. It started with 25 Army officers who banded together to insure each other’s vehicles when they were denied insurance through traditional companies. The United Services Automobile Association is a privately held company that is actually owned by the members.

Geico has been around almost as long as USAA. The company was founded in 1936 and continues to flourish today. It was started by the Goodwin couple and was founded on the principles of ingenuity, innovation, honesty, resilience and perseverance. Geico is a publicly held company.


Geico is strictly an insurance company, although they will insure almost everything in your home. Almost anything that rides on wheels or has value to it is eligible for coverage. This includes your home, RVs, commercial autos, collectible autos, boats, your life, collectibles and even your identification.

USAA has grown over the years and is currently more than just an insurance company. However, their insurance offerings are more limited than Geico’s. Boats, motorhomes and collector cars are not insured directly through USAA. The company has partnered with Progressive, however, so that members can still enjoy great discounts on these products.

However, the company does offer property insurance, life insurance and they will provide riders for valuables such as jewelry and electronics.

USAA also offers banking, investment and retirement products to help their members stay on track. With USAA, your car could be financed with the same company that is insuring it. You can even make the payments from a free USAA checking account.


JD Power rates insurance companies based on several criteria. They look at the overall satisfaction of policy holders and ease of contacting the insurer. They view the policy offerings, pricing and how convenient the billing and payment is. A.M. Best reviews the financial strength of a company and their ability to meet responsibilities.

Geico has average ratings in all areas reviewed by JD Power. They have four out of five stars for policy offerings and pricing. Ease of contact, billing and overall satisfaction are all three stars for this insurance giant. Their rating from A.M. Best is an A++ (Superior) for their strong performance, brand name recognition and excellent market position.

USAA receives five stars across the board from JD Power. They also have an A++ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best for their low cost structure, impressive customer retention and excellent use of technology.


There is one area where Geico beats USAA and that is in membership. Geico is open to all member of the purchasing public. They will review driving record and may turn down drivers with poor records, but they are open to military personnel and civilians.

USAA was created by and continues to cater to the military services. Membership is open to all people who have served in the armed forces including active duty personnel and veterans. Membership is also open to spouses, widows, widowers and former spouses of USAA members. Children of USAA members can also become members and take advantage of the excellent discounts.


USAA stands apart from most other countries with their private ownership and payment of dividends. A portion of the profits are returned to members on an annual basis. This is a feature Geico can’t offer that USAA members greatly enjoy.


Most insurance companies offer discounts to reward their customers. Geico and USAA both offer a wide range of discounts that customers can take advantage of, including the following:

• Safe driver
• Vehicle safety equipment
• Security alarms
• Good student
• Multiple cars
• Multiple products
• Basic driver training

USAA offers additional discounts for owners of new vehicles and people who are second, third or fourth generation members. The bottom line is that both companies offer competitive, attractive rates.

State Coverage and Overseas

Both companies are active in all fifty states and can provide you with coverage regardless of where you live in the country. Only USAA can also provide you with long-term insurance coverage should you be required to move overseas. However, Geico does offer short-term insurance coverage in some overseas locations for people who are traveling there on vacation and might want to do some driving.

There are pros and cons to either company. If you own an RV or motorcycle and want the convenience of only having one bill, then Geico might be the company for you. However, USAA typically offers lower rates and is well-known for their excellent customer service.

Each company has a long history and has withstood the rigorous test of time. Both agencies are fiscally responsible and financially sound. Reviews of each are generally positive and both companies are definitely worth taking a closer look at if you are in the market for insurance.

3 Coverage Options for Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate is one of the biggest names in insurance across the nation. Providing you the protection you need for your home, property, life and even recreational vehicles, the company assures customers that they are “in good hands”.

When purchasing insurance from Allstate, it is important to understand the different coverage options that are available. Here is the information you will need to know before choosing an insurance policy with Allstate.


This coverage is necessary to provide you with peace of mind when you are traveling the nation’s highways. It is what protects other drivers should you cause an accident and it is the insurance that will save you from being sued on a personal level. There are several different options under liability coverage. Here is what you must know about each of them.

Basic Liability – This coverage is mandated by state law and can not be dropped. It pays for damages to other vehicles and injuries sustained by other people when you cause an accident. It will shield you from lawsuits by paying for the damages up to the maximum coverage level you select.

It will not pay for damage to your own car, nor will it pay for your own medical expense. The coverage also is limited to your coverage level. If the damages exceed your coverage level then you will have to pay the difference or face a lawsuit.

Medical Payments – It’s always a good idea to have extra medical coverage, especially given the high cost of medical care in the country. This liability insurance is designed to cover the injuries sustained by you, your passengers and any family members that are in the insured vehicle. This coverage will kick in regardless of who causes an accident.

Underinsured/ Uninsured Motorist – Your insurance will pay when you cause an accident, but if someone else causes the accident they expect that party to pay for the damages to your car. If they don’t carry high enough levels or are completely uninsured then they will be personally responsible for the damages. You will have to sue them and go through a lengthy process with the courts, and the damages to your car will not be fixed in the meantime. When you have this coverage, your insurance company will take care of the damages and then they will handle the legal aspect of getting the responsible party to actually pay for the damages.

Vehicle Protection

Things happen and there’s not always a clear party at fault for an accident. Black ice can cause you to slide off the road and hydroplaning can happen in any good rainstorm. Vandals can cause damage to your car and falling tree limbs have been known to crush roofs. The only way to ensure that your car will get repaired should something like this happen is to properly insure it.

Collision – This is the coverage that will pay for repairs if your car is damaged on the road from road debris, single-car accidents or other mishaps.
Comprehensive – This coverage typically takes care of most things that might happen while a car is parked; including theft, vandalism and storm damage. It is required on most vehicles that are financed.

Additional Coverages

The options for insurance coverage don’t end with basic liability and vehicle protection. There is a range of additional coverage offered by Allstate to keep your car safe and your family protected. Here are the programs you can take advantage of.

– Personal Injury Protection – Medical bills aren’t the only expenses you might face after an accident. This protection will also help replace lost income, pay for child care and cover other miscellaneous costs.
– Towing and Labor Costs – Even new cars can break down and you can expect to spend $80 or more on a tow. Invest in this coverage so you can call for a safe and convenient tow if the car should break down.
– Rental Reimbursement Coverage – When your car goes in the shop you still need a way to get around. This coverage will reimburse you for the expense of renting a car while yours is being repaired.
– Sound System Coverage – That sound system you installed can be expensive and you really enjoy it. Replacing it after an accident or in the case of theft can be expensive. Standard policies won’t cover after-market equipment like this, but you can be protected if you invest in the right coverage with Allstate.

Customers with Allstate put their trust in the insurance company and have done so for more than 75 years. When it’s time for a new insurance policy, keep this information in mind so you can get the best coverage available for your individual needs.

AIS Car Insurance Overview

AIS has been operating in the state of California for more than forty years. They will provide customers with quotes over the phone or the Internet. Customers who are interested in taking advantage of the products offered by AIS Insurance Group can also visit one of their 23 area offices in the state.

Free Quotes

In addition to providing a quote for their coverage, AIS will also provide quotes from the competitors. This allows for quick comparison of companies and coverages. It is important to consider the coverage levels you are interested in before obtaining a quote, as that can greatly impact the final premium. Consider choosing a higher deductible amount to save more money on the premium.


AIS offers coverage in all the standard areas that are necessary to adequately protect yourself and your assets.

• Bodily injury liability coverage will pay for injuries sustained by other parties should you cause an accident. It does not pay for your own medical bills.
• Property damage liability will take care of damages to property other than your own. It will not pay for damages to your own car or property.
• Medical payments are necessary to cover your own medical bills, especially if you do not have health insurance.
• Uninsured motorists coverage will ensure that your car is fixed if the person that hits you does not carry any insurance coverage.
• Collision coverage is what will be needed to fix your own car after an accident that you caused.
• Comprehensive coverage takes care of everything else, including theft, vandalism and damages that result from storms.

Online Services

AIS wants their customers to have a good experience. They provide their customers with the ability to print ID cards online and representatives are available seven days a week to help you further.

Other Services

Most good insurance companies offer more than just auto insurance, and AIS is no exception. Customers can also travel with confidence knowing that they have roadside assistance for breakdowns, flat tires and other problems. Mechanical breakdown coverage will provide funds to get the car repaired should it have engine problems.

Drivers can also get temporary insurance to keep them covered should they decide to take a trip over the border into Mexico. The company also offers gap coverage for financed cars and towing to provide you with peace of mind.


AIS provides a complete list of insurance protection. In addition to insuring your car or motorcycle, here is a list of the other assets that can be insured with AIS.

• Classic cars
• Homes: single-family homes, condos and rentals
• Life
• Health
• Business
• Recreational Vehicles, including boats and motorhomes


It’s important for you to save money on your insurance premium. One way to do this is by taking advantage of some of the discounts offered by AIS. Here are the discounts that are offered for their customer’s convenience.

• Multiple cars – If you own and insure more than two vehicles you can qualify for up to 15% off your premium.
• Good drivers – Maintain a clean driving record and enjoy up to 20% off on your insurance costs.
• Anti-theft device – If you car has an alarm, ask for this discount and save up to 2%.
• Good student- Responsible kids are usually responsible drivers and can enjoy up to 30% off on their premiums.
• Multiple Policy – Insure your home along with your car and take up to 15% off both policies.
• Mature driver – People over the age of 55 can take up to 5% off their driving premium.
• Group discounts – Talk to your agent about your profession. Doctors, scientists, teachers and other professionals qualify for discounts up to 15% with AIS.

AIS is a solid company with a long history. They are not nationwide, so only residents of California can take advantage of their policy offerings. However, they can help you save money while providing you with quality insurance coverage.