Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

rental-car-insurance1Rental car insurance can have specific benefits for the renter. It can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are covered in the event of any kind of auto incident. It can help you avoid the sometimes complicated dealings required in an incident that occurs overseas or when multiple agencies or businesses are involved in clearing up an accident. Most of the time though, rental car insurance is secondary in usefulness to your own insurance policy and it may be extremely expensive for what it is.

Rental car companies owe a significant portion to their sales of rental car insurance. Many of these companies offer multiple and diverse insurance packages to their customers in order to cover the remote possibility of damage or expense. For an infrequent traveler, the peace of mind can be worth it. A savvy traveler knows to check the coverage offered by their regular insurance instead. Often they will find that it is worth the effort in savings as well as the ever-elusive peace of mind. In addition to the insurance you normally carry, some credit card companies offer limited insurance protection as well. This can come with some very specific rules for claiming coverage, but can also be useful in a pinch. Ultimately the answer to whether you need rental car insurance is, it depends. Know your current coverage first and then go with your gut.

Not All Car Insurance Is The Same: Find Out What Works Best for You

car-insurance-best-youCar insurance policies can be a deeply personal item to purchase. The options out there for a potential consumer are almost mind boggling in their variety. This is particularly true today, when insurance companies must compete on every level in order to attract customers. In order to be a savvy customer, your goal should be to get the best price for the coverage that most exactly fits your specific needs. Insurance may be about trying to predict the future, but it is still important to retain your perspective while shopping. You don’t need the most coverage available. You need the best coverage.

In order to get that coverage, it is important to do your research. Don’t just think about insurance quotes and which number looks best. Think about your life, your car, and your habits. Is your car new? You may want insurance that protects your investment and offers to replace the car should it be totaled. Is it over ten years old? You many only want collision insurance. Do you drive frequently? Take long trips? Do others drive your car? Teenagers perhaps? Think about what you are likely to need, like liability insurance, and what options are luxuries, like a free rental car if yours is in the shop. Make sure you get coverage that protects you and your passengers’ health as well as your car’s. Ultimately, your choice should be about safety.

Do I Really Need All Those Car Insurance Extras?

accesoriesCar insurance can come with many types of extras, some of which you may feel are unnecessary to your lifestyle. In order to determine what is and is not necessary within your policy, you need to understand the coverage it contains and then do a little homework.

Car insurance packages often contain little extra services and options that can make life easier if they come into play at the right time. Options like free towing or roadside assistance are something you might greatly appreciate having if or when your car breaks down. Especially if you live in a rural area like Pasco, Washington (I know, I’ve never heard of it either, but I was stuck there once and needed a tow.)  If you find yourself without a car for a period of time due to an accident and need a rental, you’d be pleased to discover that the cost of the rental was covered by insurance. These types of service are nice to have, but be aware that you will pay for them one way or another. For this reason, you should know what the options are when it comes to extras.

Take the time to do the math and determine whether you are really saving money by paying a hundred dollars a year for free towing. How many times were you towed in the past year, after all? In the last three? If it costs you a hundred dollars out of pocket for one tow would you rather pay that money when you need a tow or ahead of time, just in case? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when you consider either adding or cutting so called extras in order to cut costs.

Driving Your Car In Canada

canadaDriving in Canada is not much different than driving in the United States; Canada is cris-crossed with an extensive network of roads and highways. The limitations for driving in Canada are much like our own in that you will be required to have a valid driver’s license in order to drive a rented vehicle there.

If you are planning on staying in Canada for any length of time that is less than a year, you will not need to acquire a Canadian driver’s license. If you plan on staying in Canada a year or longer, you will need to transition to a Canadian license. Transitioning from a license from anywhere in the United States that has been in your possession for two years or longer, procuring a Canada license is only a matter of exchanging the one you have for the new one.

Unlike the United Kingdom, Canadians drive on the same side of the street as we do. They also have road markings and signs that are familiar to United States residents. This will make transitioning or just visiting Canada and driving their streets easy to get accustomed to. If you are going there to visit, you may want to do a little research into their traffic laws as there are bound to be some discrepancies.

From Alaska to Florida, No Boundries for Buying Insurance On-Line

Thanks to the Internet you can now shop and purchase car insurance online. You do not have to go through the hassle of dealing with an agent that might sway you one way or another. In fact, you can research car insurance yourself, decide what you need, and then purchase the policy. Even if you’re moving from Alaska to Florida, you can get a jump on your new insurance policy. Why would you do this instead of talking with an insurance agent?

First, it is free to view quotes online. You can know upfront the price and then decide from there. If you do not like the price, you can always look into another company online.

Another reason many people shop online is because they can select the coverage options themselves. Additionally, you can see how much the coverage you choose affects the total policy price.

When you buy car insurance online, the estimates are accurate because the thought is that at some point you will intend to purchase the insurance.

Also, because you are shopping online, you might find local auto insurance companies that you did not know were available until you looked online.

And, lastly, when you look online, there is a good chance you might find lower rates. This is typically because there are more companies to choose from.

If you are considering switching car insurance companies, consider looking online today.

Is Online Car Insurance Cheaper?

Everyone wants a good deal on their car insurance. Typically, we are accustomed to meeting with an insurance agent and choosing a policy that will suit our needs. However, thanks to the accessibility of the Internet, we do not necessarily need to work with an agent. In fact, we could just purchase our policy online and skip the agent part altogether.

However, does purchasing online really save you money? There are no statistics that indicate that purchasing online is better than purchasing from an agent or vice versa. Although, the great alternative about purchasing your car insurance online is the ability you have to be your own agent. You can look into as many different companies as you want to see what their price is and what services they are offering.

The agent does not have an incentive to do this for you. Most likely, they will look into a few companies and quote you the best price of those. However, if you do it yourself online, you can access more than just a few companies and it is possible to find a better deal.

If you are willing to put the time into an online search for car insurance, it might pay off. You will definitely be more informed about your options and in the end you will hopefully make the best choice.

Five Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent

Do you enjoy shopping? Maybe for clothing or a new tv. However, rarely does anyone enjoy shopping around for car insurance. Yet, it is important to take the time to shop around for car insurance to ensure that you get the best price and find a reputable company to work with. Someone living in Los Angles will have different insurance needs than someone living in Albuquerque. When talking to prospective companies, make sure you ask your insurance agent the following five questions:

1. Am I getting every discount the car insurance company offers? You should not have to pay more for your car insurance than is necessary, so make sure you get your discounts.

2. What type of coverage do I have (comprehensive/collision) and is it worth it? It is imperative that you understand your coverage so you know what to expect in case of a future claim.

3. Does my policy include uninsured motorist coverage? You want to protect yourself in case you get in an accident with someone that has no insurance.

4. What happens if my car is totaled and how much will the insurance pay?

5. If I need parts for my car, does the insurance company pay for original manufacturer parts? Some companies do not. If you have a newer car, you will want good parts.

States Vary On Insurance Requirements: Be Sure You Know The Law

Are you moving in the near future? Moving is part of life and it requires people to undergo many unwanted tasks to get settled in their new location. Packing, traveling, etc are all part of moving. However, do not forget when you move that you need to get a new insurance policy or at least update your address with your current insurance company.

Why is it so important to update your information for insurance purposes? Couldn’t you technically keep your old policy? Unfortunately, no. One of the biggest reasons you need to update your personal information with your insurance company is because states vary on their insurance requirements. Every state has a different minimum requirement for personal property damage and bodily injury liability. Therefore, these numbers will definitely change when you move locations.

Also, insurance companies also consider certain areas more risky to drive in. And, although you might think this is unfair, it is true. You are more at risk of getting in an accident if you drive in high traffic areas than if you drive in areas where there are only one-lane highways.

Wherever you live, make sure that you have the minimum requirements so that you are no driving without proper insurance.

Had Your License Revoked? What To Know About Car Insurance

Regardless of whether you live in Sacramento or Seattle, you need to know what happens if you are driving with a revoked license and you get in an accident. Is your insurance still effective, or will you be about of luck? To be honest, there is no easy answer in this situation. Insurance company guidelines involving revoked licenses vary from company to company. Usually, the fine lines of the policy determine how a situation like this is handled.

Many policies actually come with an exclusion in the policy saying that you are not covered if you are driving the vehicle with a suspended license. This also means that if you let your friend who’s license has been revoked drive your car and something happens, your insurance probably will not cover the situation either.

Also, if your license was revoked and you are looking to get insurance it is going to be difficult. Once you can renew your license, there are companies out there who might insure you, however you will definitely have to do some research and look around. Because your license was revoked, you are considered a risky person for insurance companies to insure, and many companies are not willing to take that gamble. However, you should be able to find a company out there, especially since it is the law to drive with insurance.

Insurance Rates After Your License Was Suspended

There are a few reasons why you might have had your license suspended recently. If you are caught driving under the influence, it is part of the process to suspend your license. That is part of your punishment for the crime you committed. However, some high-risk drivers also get their license suspended. These drivers have too many speeding tickets, or maybe they decided to drive 150 mph down I-5 one night and a Washington State Patrolman decided they were reckless and should not be allowed a license. Whatever, the case may be, there are people out there with suspended licenses.

When you do get your license back, getting insurance will not be easy and it definitely will not be cheap. Many drivers have to fill out an SR-22 form. This certificate is usually required for 3 years. It will allow these drivers to get insurance. However, not every company out there offers it. And, the coverage they offer is not cheap.

Therefore, when you are driving, make sure to do so responsibly. And, make sure that if you have gotten your license revoked that you are taking the steps to rectify the situation. Regardless, you do not want to drive without insurance. It is not safe or smart.